The Top 10 Copywriters Doing Things Differently

New York City, New York, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We all know that words are incredibly powerful, perhaps more than we’ll ever know. So why do so many businesses not place an emphasis on their copywriting?  A captivating piece of copy will far outsell the bland, boring and vanilla copy that many businesses and brands are still using today. World-class copy is something that’s not always easy to come by, but fortunately for us, the rampant emergence of technology has enabled us to have a plethora of talented copywriters at our fingertips. According to Boost Media Agency, the difference between someone purchasing a product or service or not, often comes down to the quality of copywriting. There are a group of talented copywriters who have been writing incredible copy, and helping brands close more deals and create more impact with their work. Here we present the Top 10 Copywriters doing things differently and leading the way in their industry:

Apryl Beverly (@baabwriting)

Apryl Beverly is an award-winning copywriter and CEO of two in-demand copywriting and content marketing agencies. Having launched Word Stylistz just a couple of years ago, she has already generated a collective revenue of $22.6 million for the clients she and her team have worked with. Leveraging her degree in Journalism from the Ohio State University, an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix, and 18 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications, and proposal writing, Apryl has established herself as a living legend in the world of sales copywriting. 

Her natural talent for transforming the way people write and articulate ideas made her a sought-after speaker and communications coach for corporate teams as well. Since launching Word Stylistz, Apryl and her all-female squad have been working behind some of the world’s largest brands and most recognizable faces in social media. Her agency serves unique content marketing and copywriting needs of businesses that cater to diverse, multicultural audiences.

In her “spare time,” Apryl penned two best-selling books entitled “Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets)” and “F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to Use Facebook Ads to Hook Smokin’ Hot Leads”.

She strongly believes that anyone can sell anything with compelling, intriguing, and personality-infused content. And in just a few short years, Apryl’s experience and time-tested techniques have revolutionized the way entrepreneurs approach content development and marketing in their businesses, debunking the myth that world-class copywriting has to come with a hefty ad agency price tag.

Anita Siek (@anitasiek

Anita Siek is an ex-lawyer turned brand strategist, copywriter and mentor at Wordfetti. Her mission is to help brands uncover and own their unique sauce magnetize their dream clients, go from under-the-radar to front-of-mind domination and create a legacy that helps them be known for a purpose that goes beyond “just” the service they deliver or the product they sell. Anita has helped multiple brands through digital products, 1:1 client work, her top-rated marketing podcast Brandfetti and her signature online program Wordfetti Your Words.

She founded Wordfetti, a human-centered worducation, brand strategy and copywriting house that exists to help brands stand out and create a dent in their respective industries, through psychology and words. She built it from the ground up as a side hustle when she was still working in the corporate world. Now, Wordfetti is her bread and butter that serves as her main platform to connect with other brands and help them with their content building. Using digital products and online program experiences, Anita and her team believes that mixing human-centered design, consumer psychology and words can create stories and content pieces that not only trigger emotion, but have the power to  build brand loyalty, trust and drive a skyrocket in conversions.

Virginia de Assis (@virginiaoninsta)

An expert copywriter and online coach, Virginia de Assis specializes in writing authoritative social media copy for 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. She has helped countless businesses and entrepreneurs attract their dream clients and sell their offers organically. Having been featured in major publications including bossbabe and Foundr, Virginia’s expertise has been well recognized since she began her entrepreneurial journey in e-commerce, back in 2013. She quickly learnt what it’s like to struggle to communicate the value of your offer – which saw her with $50k worth of merchandise sitting in her living room, unsold and with no hope in sight. Shifting her focus to mastering her copy, she sold the remainder of the stock within 90 days – which proved to be a powerful lesson.

Now with her copywriting agency and thriving online coaching business, she teaches coaches how to write Content That Sells - which is also the namesake of her high-touch accelerator program. Her signature Money Message Method makes it easier than ever to produce content that sells, nurture your audience and turn strangers into paying clients – without chasing people via DM’s. Her work has seen some of her clients rocket from $2k/month to over $50k/month, just by revamping their content strategy. With her knowledge and breadth of experience, Virginia has created a powerful and surprisingly simple method for producing high-converting content that delivers results - every single time. 

Nav (@hexacopyinc)

A health and medical copywriter and coach, Nav Pabla specialises in working with beginners, who are looking to build a sustainable copywriting business of their own. At just 19, she started her entrepreneurial journey wanting to be a freelance writer. After not taking action on this, it wasn’t until two years later and hundreds of articles later, she took the leap of faith and started a career in copywriting. Now, she is fortunate enough to have worked with incredible clients who are killing it in their respective industries, giving her more than enough experience to start a coaching business around her niche. Nav created Freelance Writing Freedom, to help freelance copywriters monetize their work and overcome challenges they are facing as they venture into this world of freelancing. Since Nav began coaching, she never discriminated and instead welcomed people from different backgrounds. Her programs are inclusive to everyone - whether you have a college degree or not. Many of her clients have been successful in booking high-paying clients and building a sustainable copywriting business. On top of her programs, Nav built a community as a venue for her to give as much value as she could as she guides you to build your skills, create the best products around your niche, and grow your copywriting business.

Tiffany Lewis (@tiffanylewis.propels)

Tiffany Lewis is a conversion copywriter and content strategist who helps female coaches build relationships with their customers and increase their sales through e-mail sequences, sales pages, and websites. Holding a BA in Communications and Public Relations from Xavier University of Louisiana and an MA in Education from American University, Tiffany has written articles, blog posts, and digital content for both small and large companies and publications, including The Associated Press. With her background in communications, PR, and education, Tiffany decided to establish her own copywriting business, helping entrepreneurs with their content needs and teaching them how to do it on their own. Through Propel Virtual Solutions, Tiffany has helped over 500 women this year alone. With her done-for-you, done-with-you, and do-it-yourself services, she commits herself to finish the year having served 1000 women. As a former teacher herself, Tiffany believes in an education first model. One of her favourite adages is “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”. This is why her approach to copywriting includes her services to educate and empower entrepreneurs, rather than just limit herself in doing the work for them. Part of her mission is to empower as many female entrepreneurs as she possibly can. “There’s so much power in teaching others,” Tiffany explains - and that’s exactly what she’s off to do.

Katelyn Collins (@iamkatelyncollins)

Katelyn Collins is a copywriter and launch strategist, serving online course creators and entrepreneurs in the coaching industry. Her copywriting career began when she worked as the Head of Communications (and the in-house copywriter) for Daybreaker, where she was in charge of marketing to an email list of almost half a million people. Working with Daybreaker took her to places like Stockholm and Amsterdam, launching several event series with world-renowned DJs, big brands like Target, Nike, IBM, Tropicana and more. Today Katelyn writes privately for online course creators; her copy has been responsible for launches resulting in $30k, $50k, $100k and more.   Katelyn is known for being super fun to work with and writing hilarious emails. She also founded a Facebook group where she teaches new course creators and copywriters, giving them free access to “Ask her anything” Q&As and masterclasses about writing a high-converting copy. To learn more, you can grab her Copywriting Starter Kit for free!

Mackenzie B. Fleming (@mackenziebfleming)

A copywriter and copywriting coach, Mackenzie B. Fleming works with powerhouse female coaches who refuse to blend into the crowd. With a B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing from Virginia Tech, Mackenzie started out as a copywriter at a Fortune 500 company. Now, she dedicates herself to her business, helping incredible female entrepreneurs maximize their sales and their impact with their messaging. 

Serving clients via 1:1 VIP Copywriting Days, 1:1 Copy Coaching, and her latest group copy coaching program, Master Your Messaging™ Academy, Mackenzie has helped countless clients make more money with less effort with copy that works for them around the clock. 

Master Your Messaging™ Academy is a 10-week group coaching program for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to hone their messaging and craft copy that consistently converts at rates like never before. 

Mackenzie’s strategic approach to copywriting begins with immersing herself in her client’s brand so their copy genuinely amplifies their signature voice. Writing boldly and fearlessly to create personality-packed conversion copy, Mackenzie helps coaches attract their dream clients time and time again.

Katie Momo (@hellokatiemomo)

It was 2008 and just as the economy was tanking, Katie Momo got a job in possibly the worst niche to be in — designing and selling fine jewellery. While other stores around the city shut their doors for business, they refused to participate, went all in, and did everything they could to thrive. They doubled down on marketing and a year later, all their efforts paid off earning that tiny little store over a million dollars in revenue. That’s when Katie realized that the power of words can move mountains. 

Katie has worked with dozens of celebpreneurs ranking in over $12 million dollars in sales. She saw firsthand that the words you use can change everything in your business. Over the years Katie has established herself as an accomplished copywriter, and now her mission is to help more businesses achieve success through incredible, eye-catching copy. “When you think about it, copy is everywhere”, Katie explained. In her programs, Katie will get any business to ride on the trend and write more engaging and effective copy. Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless businesses, Katie desires to extend her helping-hand to assist businesses throughout the crisis, and truly has the breadth of experience to do just that.

Melissa Donovan (@bymelissadonovan)

An intuitive copywriter, holistic life coach and healer, Melissa Donovan helps holistic, spiritual, and vegan business owners connect with their dream clients through authentic and compelling copy. Melissa enjoys working with multi-passionate individuals and encourages them to leverage their talents in incorporating creative expression into their businesses. Melissa stops at nothing to ensure creating world class copy that conveys expertise and helps build genuine connections with ideal clients. Melissa’s approach to copywriting begins with helping you define who you are as a business, what you’re meant to do and how you facilitate transformation for your clients. Melissa takes outstanding care of her clients, as she helps them prioritize their wellbeing with clarity and confidence. Business owners working with Melissa establish themselves as trusted authorities in their areas of expertise by infusing their personality in their copy. In your journey, Melissa will create a compassionate space for you to work through any emotional imbalances or limiting beliefs that will hinder your authentic brand messaging. In turn, you will feel in harmony with your bigger purpose as you close sales with the people you are meant to serve.

Samantha Hoilett (@samanthahoilett.writes

Samantha Hoilett is an expert copywriter and a strategic content marketing consultant. After quitting her desk job and reflecting on what she wanted, she decided to start her own writing consultancy and never looked back. From cutting-edge software companies to artisan e-commerce brands, she’s helped dozens of clients increase bookings, boost sales, and connect with their audience through content marketing and compelling sales copy. Her remote business has allowed her to work with brands and entrepreneurs around the world, including in Australia, UK, Uganda, USA and Canada. She takes a customer-oriented approach that focuses on building relationships, highlighting brand values, and helping her clients become leaders in their space. By combining copywriting best practices with her own special approach, Samantha loves to inject personality, authenticity, and storytelling into her client’s work. She uses Instagram to network and educate about the power of copywriting and strategic content marketing. If you want to build a thriving business online or launch your signature service, Samantha will help you achieve your goals and move your brand forward. 

Make sure to follow each of these incredible copywriters, as they continue to thrive and write world-class copy. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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