Algenex inaugurates new facility with capacity to produce up to 100 million vaccine doses

Algenex inaugurates new facility with capacity to produce up to 100 million vaccine doses

  • New facility can support the production of up to 3.5kg of recombinant protein equivalent to around 100 million vaccine doses across animal and human health
  • The inauguration was presided over by the Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation

Madrid (Spain), September 24, 2020.- Algenex SL, a private biotechnology company delivering disruptive technologies for recombinant biologics production, opened its new facility in Tres Cantos, Spain today at an inauguration ceremony attended by the Spanish Minster of Science and innovation, Pedro Duque, the Vice President of the Madrid Region (Comunidad de Madrid), Ignacio Aguado and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain. The new facility allows Algenex to produce up to 3.5kg of recombinant proteins, equivalent to around 100 million vaccine doses across animal and human health.

The facility comprises around 900m2 of rearing and production areas, molecular laboratories and office space. It also incorporates two small suites that will be dedicated to commercial manufacturing. The first suite will be dedicated to the manufacturing of Algenex’ Baculovirus-based proteins, while the second suite will be dedicated to the inoculation of the Trichoplusia ni pupae, which are used as natural bioreactors in the production of Algenex’ proteins. GMP certification for these two suites is targeted for Q1 2021.

The new facility took five months to complete and cost under EUR 2 million to build and is easily replicated to scale up production as required. This is in contrast to traditional bioreactor facilities, which require substantial capital expenditure and take two to three years to put in place. 

“We are pleased to inaugurate our new facility, which enables Algenex to significantly increase its capacity to provide protein production solutions to the healthcare industry across both animal and human health applications,” said Claudia Jiménez, CEO of Algenex. “The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for the rapid production of large quantities of vaccine at an affordable cost and Algenex is ready to put its technology and expertise to work to provide an efficient, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing option that allows the implementation of timely and global vaccination campaigns.”                

Spanish Minster of Science and innovation, Pedro Duque said, “Algenex is a true success story for the Spanish science, technology and innovation system, having started as a spin-off from the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, with support from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). Research and innovation remains key to ending the COVID-19 pandemic and companies like Algenex, with its deep expertise and innovative technological approach to protein production for the production of vaccines, will play a central role in helping to ensure a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 and other pandemics that may affect future generations.”

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About Algenex

Algenex is a private biotechnology company developing disruptive baculovirus-based technologies for the production of recombinant biologics. Algenex´ first two platforms, TopBac® and CrisBio®, are based on baculovirus-based expression systems and have demonstrated their capacity to transform recombinant protein production through a process that provides almost unlimited and immediate scalability of manufacturing, production flexibility, simplicity and versatility while being extremely cost efficient.

To date, Algenex’ work has centered mainly on the development and production of veterinary vaccines, with > 200 molecules successfully produced in collaboration with public and private partners, including multiple international pharmaceutical companies. The first dossier for a veterinary vaccine produced in CrisBio® is currently being reviewed by EMA.

Algenex has now expanded the application of its proprietary and patented technologies into human health in order to fully exploit the potential of its platforms. 

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