Ticket to Early Retirement: Uduma Kalu and Mastering the FOREX Market


New York, USA, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Uduma Kalu, a Nigerian investor and trader from New York City, has found a footing in the foreign exchange market.  He currently invests through Im.academy and is able to pass his knowledge on to others through mentorship and team building programs in collaboration with his media partner GYW Entertainment.  Uduma discussed his career in a recent interview.  Speaking to his accomplishments so far he stated, “My greatest success is helping others create income. I’ve been able to retire 10 plus people on a team strictly by trading.  And they're all under the age of 25."

For Uduma, “The most rewarding part of investing is the ability to help people along the way. I know that I will create massive results for myself but helping others who have no belief that they can make money via the FOREX market is better”.  This drive to help others is capitalized by Uduma’s mentorship program that can change a client’s financial status within 6 months.  Uduma reveals that “Trading FOREX is not hard, it’s not easy, but I make it very simple”.

As a person’s past shapes their present, so it also shapes drive and demeanor.  Uduma’s parents were both Nigerian immigrants who taught him to work hard and their example motivates him to strive for greatness.  He gives advice to other entrepreneurs saying, “It is okay to fail. What isn't okay, is to not learn from your mistake. Failing many times creates character and you only have to be right ONCE in order to see the success you want”.

Finally, Uduma relates some of the advice he shares with his clients.  “You cannot care about what anybody thinks. At first, people will think you're crazy, then they will follow. Understand that you need to have tunnel vision on your goals and a deadline. Block out anything that is not in alignment with what you want, and JUST DO IT”.  

The future appears to hold new levels of success for Uduma.  His vision includes venturing into other investments as Im.academy has allowed him to generate the massive capital needed to pursue these goals.

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