Celebrate Canada’s First National Shawarma Day* With Osmow’s on October 15

Osmow’s™ Puts New and Official National Shawarma Day on the Calendar, Inviting Canadians to Carve Time for Beloved Middle Eastern Rotisserie Meals With Osmow’s National Shawarma Day $5 Special

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada’s most popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fast, fresh eatery Osmow’s™ officially declares October 15, 2020 as the country’s first annual National Shawarma Day. 

Shawarma is a tender, fragrant, boldly spiced and marinated meat with crispy caramelized edges that form as it rotates on a vertical skewer. At Osmow’s™, shawarma is prepared differently. Once the marinated meat is delicately carved, cooks finish it on the grill and serve it up on rice, fries, or classically wrapped in a thin warm grilled pita bread. Personalized with add-ons like fresh herbs and grilled vegetables, feta or house-made sauces means endless combinations of shawarma meals bursting with delicious flavours to create loyal customers from people on the go. 

This special, national day of Shawarma calls for a promotional incentive for everyone to try, enjoy, and celebrate healthy and historic street food in a bright, modern local Osmow’s. Make your way to one of almost 100 Osmow’s™ locations Canada wide for perfectly seasoned rotisserie-cooked proteins at prices last seen in 2001. 

Osmow’s is offering its legendary Chicken Shawarma wrap or ROCKS™ at its circa-2001 original Osmow’s price of just $5 each. Vegetarians can take part in the day too with a Falafel Wrap or ROCKS™ for the same price.

“It’s about time to celebrate healthy, delicious and increasingly popular shawarma,” says principal and founder Sam Osmow of the fast-growing Canadian company who further thanks pro basketball player Norman Powell for his public patronage, shared loyalty to the brand and for putting shawarma in the spotlight. 

“When my wife and I first hung the Osmow’s sign in 2001 and started serving a dish I have enjoyed since growing up in Egypt to our first customers in Mississauga we could not have imagined that 19 years later we would be announcing the official Canadian national shawarma day.”

The popularity of shawarma is on the rise signalled by Osmow’s impressive growth plans and national expansion. 

“Join us -- and all Canadian restaurants serving Shawarma -- in celebrating National Shawarma Day on October 15,” says CEO and head of franchise operations Ben Osmow. “Enjoy proteins bursting with flavours of Mediterranean herbs and spices with family, friends, or on your own and tag pictures or videos using #NationalShawarmaDay to help spread the word and support the fast, casual restaurant sector and local businesses. We are excited to create National Shawarma Day and hope all Canadians will get involved!”

Osmow’s invites all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate October 15 as National Shawarma Day in Canada as we continue to grow this exciting flavourful food niche, in the spirit of diversity and cultural exploration. 

For more information about National Shawarma Day and Osmow’s, visit mrosmow.com and follow @osmows on all popular social media channels. To show your love for Shawarma, order yours on October 15 and tag pics, reels and videos with #NationalShawarmaDay. Stay tuned into Osmow’s social media for news and details about a 100 free shawarma giveaway. 

About Osmow’s
Founded in 2001 by Sam Osmow, the first Osmow’s store was located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada and remains a successful operation to this day. Sam saw an opportunity to bring his Egyptian roots to the Canadian landscape blending traditional Egyptian cuisine balanced with a North American palate. Filling a void in the current fast-casual culinary marketplace, Osmow’s flavourful dishes with signature sauces such as the fan-favourite garlic sauce keeps bringing customers back to satisfy their cravings. Osmow’s has grown to almost 100 locations and is expanding across Canada. Osmow’s invites all other Mediterranean brands to celebrate October 15 as National Shawarma Day in Canada as we continue to grow this exciting flavourful food niche, in the spirit of diversity and cultural exploration. 

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  • In Arabic, shawarma means “to turn” and inspired the name for the Middle Eastern method of slow, even cooking where a conical slab of meat slowly spins or spirals on a large skewer
  • One of the world’s most popular forms of street food, especially in Egypt, Shawarma was believed to have been created in Turkey as early as the 18th Century 
  • These scenes from The Avengers caused a spike in shawarma sales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYiZeszLosE&feature=youtu.be
  • Depending on toppings, Shawarma is considered a low-calorie meal
  • *The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Shawarma Day to be observed on October 15, annually, starting in 2020 sparked by Osmow’s

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