CHEYENNE, Wyo., Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Agricultural company Encore Green Environmental has completed their first surface-application project, outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Produced water from nearby oil wells was cleaned to meet the needs of the soil and the regulatory parameters, then safely applied to the land for beneficial agricultural use.

“It has taken a long time and much R&D, but finally we are here,” says Darlene Nash, CEO of Encore Green Environmental.

Two years in the making, start-up company Encore Green Environmental has been granted the first-ever permits from the State of Wyoming to surface-apply formerly produced water for beneficial use. They have permits for three Wyoming counties.

“This changes everything,” says John Robitaille, President of Encore Green Environmental. “Where once you could only dispose of this water in a pond or by injection, there’s now an economically viable, environmentally conscious solution. The even greater win is that the agriculture community in the west now has a new source of water.”

Encore Green Environmental’s patent-pending system is called Conservation By-Design™. EGE does not own any technology. Instead, they secure the best water treatment technology to match individual projects.

“We have just created a total ecological solution with a positive impact for the land,” says Marvin Nash, EGE co-founder and special advisor. “This produced water is re-purposed instead of being injected into the ground. We’re giving the landowner a new source of water in an arid environment. This is water that’s not drained from an aquifer for energy production or for agriculture. The resulting increase in vegetation will improve soil health. That, in turn, boosts photosynthesis, which releases more oxygen and decreases carbon in the air. All of this helps mitigate climate change concerns. There’s not a downside to this.”

Encore Green Environmental provides the solution for lack of soil health worldwide, an issue raised in the recent Netflix documentary, Kiss the Ground and in Kristin Ohlson’s book, The Soil Will Save Us.

This application was first made on September 29 and will continue until all water on-site has been safely applied. The process accommodates continual treatment and surface application of thousands of barrels of water per day. New projects will be announced shortly.

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Jeff Holder
Encore Green Environmental