New Grokker Incentives Deliver Increased Employee Engagement Through Everyday Activities

Award-Winning Wellbeing Solution Updates Feature, Boosting Flexibility for Employers and Their Employees

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grokker, the on-demand video wellbeing solution, announced its redesigned Grokker Incentives program, giving employers more flexibility and improving employee engagement. The unique approach empowers employers to select the qualifying unit of measure for a wide variety of activities and inspires employees to earn Grokker “Wellness Minutes” or points redeemable through the multi-tiered program.

“The new Grokker Incentives program is one of the many ways we are revolutionizing the employee experience. We’re helping employers encourage employees to take important small steps that lead to daily wellbeing habits,” Lorna Borenstein, founder and CEO of Grokker, shared. “The key is creating a personalized journey for each participant that rewards engagement in ways that matter to them, and promotes meaningful change in their lives.”

With enhanced controls, employers have the power to decide what qualifies as a reward and set limits on the daily credit earned per source or day. From workout and nutrition videos, to mental health and financial wellness programs, Grokker’s redesigned Incentive Program makes it easy to encourage success. The Incentive Dashboard gives managers real-time insight into participant progress, including fitness tracker activity and self-reported minutes, during a specific challenge and over time.

The Grokker Incentives user interface features a revamped homepage and progress modules that let employees track their activity to date and inspire them to the next level of accomplishment. Available in the mobile app, Grokker Incentives now feature a live activity feed, connecting employees to a supportive community of experts and likeminded enthusiasts while generating healthy competition and participation. Most importantly for the workforce, the new automated redemption process makes it simple for employees to claim e-gift card rewards.

Borenstein concluded, “Providing increased visibility for the employer and excitement for the employee, Grokker Incentives are a great way to keep the workforce motivated, especially when so many continue to work from home. Reinforcing the connection to one’s team and one’s self echoes Grokker’s philosophy of interconnectedness and holistic wellbeing, so employees feel happy, healthy and resilient.”

About Grokker

Grokker is the award-winning video wellbeing solution that empowers employees to take control of their wellbeing with personalized programs customized for their interests, abilities and goals and a caring community of experts to encourage them all along the way. Integrating all five dimensions of wellbeing, Grokker connects your global employees in feeling healthy and happy. No matter where they are, Grokker supports your entire workforce so they can maintain physical fitness, eat better, sleep more soundly, address their emotional health and calm financial stress.

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