The Sourcing Group and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower partner to introduce awareness campaign to North America

The two organizations will launch the first widespread initiative to implement the hidden disabilities awareness campaign across North America

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Sourcing Group, LLC, a Manhattan-headquartered provider of technology, print and branded merchandise solutions, today announced that it has partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to market the Sunflower Program across North America.

The Sunflower Program seeks to create awareness in organizations, businesses, and other individuals for people with hidden disabilities. Wearing an item with the Sunflower – such as a lanyard or PPE – allows a person to discreetly convey to others that they have a hidden disability and may need additional help, support or patience. Hidden, or invisible, disabilities include those that may not immediately be obvious to others, such as autism, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease or chronic pain. The sunflower was chosen as a symbol for its association with happiness, positivity, and strength, as well as growth and confidence.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower began in the UK in 2016 and has gained much traction over the past few years, with the symbol now widely recognized across the region. While the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is already acknowledged by a handful of major airports within the United States, the partnership between The Sourcing Group and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will be the first organized initiative to introduce the Sunflower to North America at large.

Paul White, Managing Director of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme Limited, says “I am delighted to welcome The Sourcing Group as the North America partner for the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. I am positive that this will be a hugely successful partnership that will help to raise awareness of and support people with hidden disabilities across the US and beyond.”

More than 32 million individuals in the United States have a hidden disability, and it can be a painful, exhausting and isolating experience. The simple visual cue of the Sunflower allows others to better identify and acknowledge the daily challenges faced by people living with a hidden disability.

The Sourcing Group and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will be working directly with companies and organizations across North America to implement the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in their workspaces, and will make Sunflower lanyards and other apparel available for sale to individuals as well as via an online retail site.

“The Sourcing Group is excited to see this initiative spread, and we are proud to play a part in making a difference in the lives of people throughout the US,” said Lynn Smith, CMO, The Sourcing Group. “As we have already seen in the UK, this will make a direct, positive impact on the health, well-being, and daily experience of so many people, allowing their invisible disabilities to be visible when they need to be.”

To learn more or to order products, visit the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower website at Companies who would like to participate in the program please contact

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