Koddi Announces Entry Into Vacation Rental and Alternative Accommodations Markets


Company Expands Footprint by Bringing Advanced Adtech into New Travel Sub-Verticals

FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koddi, a leading marketing technology company for the travel and hospitality industries, today announced it is pursuing a strategic entry into two new travel markets - vacation rentals and alternative accommodation.

“Vacation rental and alternative accommodations have fared better than most travel-related sectors over the past six months, and we believe they can benefit further from a more advanced advertising and booking approach,” said Nicholas Ward, President and Co-founder of Koddi. “These markets have grown and solidified their position among travelers without the benefit of any substantial technological assistance such as metasearch or an independent global platform. The hotel industry has benefited greatly from such products and we are excited to bring them over to vacation rentals and the alternative markets.”

Koddi will bring its universal network of solutions, including Koddi Ads and Koddi Enterprise, to these markets at the outset. Each is designed to drive additional bookings by putting accommodation options in front of the customers who are looking to find their next destination. Through its combination of data, market intelligence and automation, Koddi will remove the complexity of managing metasearch, sponsored placements and programmatic media by consolidating these practices into one cohesive solution.

About Koddi

Koddi is a provider of adtech optimization and media management software and services, powering advertising programs that drive measurable revenue growth to the best brands in the world. The company’s award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for brands to connect with consumers and drive more revenue through native sponsored placements, metasearch, and programmatic media campaigns. With the Koddi platform, marketers can fuel their growth and harness real-time intelligence to drive informed decision-making across their marketing and media activities.
For more information, please visit https://www.koddi.com/ and https://www.koddiads.com

Media Contact:
Kyle Kuhnel
Broadsheet Communications for Koddi