YORK Athletics Introduces Foot Imaging Tool to Identify Accurate Shoe Size at Home

YORK Fit Finder guarantees proper footwear fit


Boston, MA, Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YORK Athletics Mfg., a performance footwear brand, announced today the launch of the YORK Fit Finder, a three-dimensional foot measurement tool designed to identify precise shoe size using the camera on a phone or tablet. 

Developed in partnership with Findmeashoe, a world leader in digital shoe sizing and fitting, the YORK Fit Finder uses a proprietary 3D scanning technology that scans and measures the entire shape and proportions of the foot to identify a personalized shoe size recommendation from the comfort of home. Unlike other footwear fitting technologies, the YORK Fit Finder simulates your foot entry and position inside the shoe. 

“Your foot is not just length and width, it has a unique three-dimensional shape with height and curves,” said Dr. John A. Karbassi of Sports Medicine North. “These numerous measurement points impact how your shoe fits. When your shoe doesn't fit correctly, your feet can be subject to injury and even permanent deformity. That's why footwear fit is so important.” 

The YORK Fit Finder’s state-of-the-art image processing technology scans and measures foot length, width, shape and proportions of both foot and footwear to simulate fit. It is the only footwear fitting tool that scans every sneaker style, placing the dimensions of your foot in each YORK sneaker to then produce an extremely accurate footwear size recommendation for each style, all in less than five minutes.

“The big brands can’t do what we are doing due to the thousands of sneaker designs that they have,” said YORK Athletics Co-Founder & CEO Mark McGarry. “As an independent and direct to consumer brand we are able to focus on innovating fit. We engineered the proprietary YORK Athletics footwear last shape, craft fit to perform high quality sneakers in small batches, and now with our Fit Finder technology, we can recommend the perfect YORK sneaker fit. In fact, the Fit Finder is so accurate that we guarantee a proper fit.”

 “The YORK Fit Finder uses complex image processing and recommendation algorithms, but for the user, all it requires is a simple click of their phone's camera. No app download required,” said YORK Athletics VP of Digital Dan McAuliffe. “Our technology quickly evaluates the unique dimensions of both the left and right foot to produce a custom 3D foot profile and corresponding YORK size recommendation." 

Get a personalized fit recommendation for YORK’s award-winning sneakers by using the YORK Fit Finder

About YORK Athletics Mfg.

Boston-based YORK Athletics Mfg. is an independently owned, direct to consumer footwear company. The York family has been designing sportswear for athletes since 1946. In 2016, the family’s third generation teamed up with footwear industry heavyweights to launch YORK Athletics, a performance footwear brand. Voted Best of Boston E-Commerce Retailer 2019, YORK’s signature sneaker was named “2019 Best Gym Shoe for Every Type of Workout” by Gear Patrol, “2018 Best Cross Training Shoe” by Men’s Health Magazine and praised by ESPN, Esquire, POPSUGAR Fitness, Footwear News and more for the versatility of their design. To learn more please visit www.yorkathleticsmfg.com.


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