Source: Bendheim

Bendheim Launches New Cabinet Glass Designs

New Decorative Glass Inserts Expand Homeowners’ Design Palette for Cabinet Refacing Projects, Kitchen and Pantry Doors

NEW YORK, NY, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bendheim has expanded its Cabinet Glass Collection with seven new additions that can dramatically improve a home’s appearance. The Collection provides homeowners designer-grade decorative glass inserts for cabinets, doors, partitions, and bespoke glass shelving.

The line expansion consists of five linear patterns that have become increasingly sought  by professional designers as well as design-savvy homeowners. The patterns range from the open and diaphanous “Italian Satin Streamer,” to the heavily obscuring “Italian Satin Blind,” to satisfy a variety of visual privacy needs. Two additional glass types, “Solar” and “Soft Etched,” which do not exhibit a pronounced pattern, round out the new collection by providing design choices for minimalist homes.

With its broadened line of cabinet glass, Bendheim allows homeowners to transform their kitchens with a budget-friendly and time-saving alternative to a complete remodel. Many homeowners are choosing to embrace do-it-yourself projects in the wake of the pandemic, and upgrading cabinets with decorative glass inserts, as part of a cabinet refacing project, is a highly-customizable and wallet-friendly option. Cabinet replacement costs average $35,000, while refacing averages $7,500, a savings of nearly 80 percent. Refacing is also more environmentally friendly and much quicker – most projects are completed in 2 days – and far less intrusive.

Decorative glass inserts in pantry doors are another growing trend in home design, and can be used to add sophistication and charm to the kitchen.

“The expanded offering allows homeowners a wider range of choices to dramatically improve the kitchen design and the living experience in what many believe to be the most important room in the home,’’ said Robert Jayson, President of Bendheim. “Family celebrations this year may be smaller due to the pandemic, but they will be no less vital and carefully planned than in previous years. More people are embracing the home, cooking, and quality family time, and we’ve seen a growing demand from homeowners to upgrade their kitchen. Good design enhances the joy of everyday life.”

Bendheim’s cabinet glass is delivered cut-to-size and ready to install, in sizes up to 20” W by 40” H. Prices range from $13 to $53 per square foot, depending on the selected design and safety option. Glass safety options include tempering and lamination, ideal for home applications requiring extra security as required by local building codes or the homeowner’s personal preferences.

Tempering is a heat strengthening process that increases the glass strength by a factor of four – similar to the glass in your car side windows. Lamination is the process of “sandwiching” two pieces of glass together, using a specialized interlayer. In case of breakage, the interlayer holds the pieces together, minimizing the risk of injury – similar to your car windshield.

Bendheim’s Cabinet Glass website is a carefully curated collection of more than 70 hand-crafted, colored, textured, etched, and wired decorative glass varieties for a range of home design applications. For more information, please visit