Rookout Launches a ‘Live Debugging Heatmap’ To Find Applications On Fire

  • According to the 2020 State of Software Quality report, two out of three software developers estimate they spend at least a day per week troubleshooting issues in their code, and close to one-third spend even more time.
  • DEJ’s research shows that organizations are losing $2,129,000 per month, on average, due to delays in application releases.

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rookout, the modern debugging platform built for developers, today announced a Live Debugging Heatmap that visualizes which applications are causing the most problems within a business. In the age of cloud, where distributed teams can spend hours debugging the same problematic application without even knowing it, the ability to instantly identify where developers are wasting time and resources is incredibly powerful.

“We want to give meaningful insights in a quick and visually appealing way,” said Shahar Fogel, CEO at Rookout. “We have unique insights into where software developers are spending the most time debugging frustrating applications, and can visualize this information so that management can quickly see where time, money, and resources are being exhausted.”

Rookout is installed as an SDK and deployed across all of the organization’s environments. This allows for unique insight into which applications are on fire, making them bright red within the Rookout UI for quick identification. Rookout’s dashboard also visualizes how much time developers waste debugging, which developers have found the most bugs in production, and ultimately how much money has been saved using Rookout versus more traditional debugging methods (e.g. endless logging or trying to re-create production environments on local machines).

Product Highlights:

  • Quick installation via a hosted SaaS solution that takes minutes to configure
  • Color-schemed heatmap quickly identifies the most buggy applications
  • Leaderboard shows how many bugs have been found in production
  • ROI calculator indicates how much time and money is being saved by using Rookout (versus traditional debugging methods)

“We’re looking forward to leveraging Rookout’s new heatmap to give cross-team visibility into where our developers are wasting the most time,” said Yan Davidovsky, Engineering Director at Amdocs. “We spend many hours each week debugging code, it’s an inevitable part of the workflow. But anything that helps us locate exactly where that time is being spent, and also helps us measure the ROI of those efforts, is invaluable.”

About Rookout
Rookout is a modern debugging solution that provides an unparalleled ability to collect any piece of data, from the deepest levels of live code, on-demand. This empowers engineers to find the data they need instantly and deliver it anywhere, in order to understand and advance their software. With Rookout, software teams save hours of work and reduce debugging and logging time by 80% — with zero friction, overhead, or risk.

Adam LaGreca
Founder, 10KMedia