San Diego, California, Oct. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan McAweeney, a leading name in the California marketing industry, recently revealed during the course of a few of his public talks that during his long career as a direct marketer, he has seen many superior products fall flat on their face---and all due to the fact that executives in charge of manufacturing these products did not pay enough heed to the marketing aspect of the product.

An alumnus of the San Diego State University, Ryan McAweeney made his foray into the marketing industry with the founding of VDMG (Vertical Digital Marketing Group) in 1992. Since then, he has worked with many famous brands and his team at VDMG has been part of many revolutionary marketing campaigns. As such, he has keen insight into how the market operates and what exactly needs to be done to turn a good product into a success. 

This is why Ryan's revelation took many by surprise. Ryan states that he himself feels intrigued by the fact that even top executives from some of the leading companies still tend to believe that as long as you succeed in manufacturing a quality product, it will sell itself. What mystifies Ryan about this is that nothing can be further from the truth! And yet this belief still continues to have a stronghold on many top executives in the industry. 

Ryan cites Apple's iPhone as an example. He remarks that given the quality of the product, many people (and by that he means consumers or laymen and not the industry insiders) may believe that this is a product that may sell itself. And yet, Ryan reminds that Apple has gained its current stature not only because of the superior quality of its products but also because it has invested heavily for decades in creating sophisticated marketing campaigns. So, Ryan concludes, the success that Apple enjoys today as a brand is owing to a mixture of creative marketing techniques and high-quality products. This sounds only too true since if we think of the biggest brands, it is highly likely that we will also immediately recall a few viral ad campaigns associated with these brands. 

Ryan further adds that even tech giants like Google depends heavily on continuous cash flow in order to keep developing new products and services and for sophisticating the existing ones. And if this is true for companies like Google and Apple, Ryan asserts, how much more applicable it should be for smaller to mid-sized companies that are trying to make headways into different verticals. 

Back to His Initial Passion

And in connection with smaller companies, we might also reveal here that Ryan McAweeney has recently opened his new consulting firm. In an interview, the prominent marketer revealed that while he still continues to work in the role of the chief marketer of Vertical Direct, he has decided to distance himself from the business aspect of the company. According to Ryan, as VDMG grew into a chief marketing agency in the region, he found himself having to manage the business side of the company more and more. 

However, since his chief passion lies in developing creative marketing strategies from the scratch and in working with startups, individual entrepreneurs, and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), he has decided to start this new consulting firm. This way he can devote himself to fashioning direct marketing campaigns for smaller entities and expose himself to newer and more difficult challenges. 

In the same interview, McAweeney also reveals his two big plans for the future. One of these is to establish San Diego as the 'Next Big Digital Hub' of California. The other is to consolidate the reputation of affiliate marketing as one of the biggest tools for direct marketers of today.