Konexial CEO Ken Evans to Discuss Importance of Edge Computing to Trucking Industry at LogTech20

Edge Computing ensures that systems never go out of service and constant connection to the driver is maintained

Johnson City, Tennessee, UNITED STATES

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Konexial CEO Ken Evans will join the Journal of Commerce LogTech20 webcast series on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 1 PM ET, discussing the importance of Edge Computing to the trucking industry. Interested attendees can register for the series Does Logistics Want to Be Self-Service? Part 1” for free here. Chaired by Journal of Commerce senior editor Eric Johnson, Evans joins speakers including Eric Rempel of Redwood Logistics, Jenna Brown of Shipamax and Amihai Zeltzer of Salesforce.

Konexial’s My20 application—which uses next-generation telematics technology to automatically log a driver’s location, hours of service and available capacity—was developed with Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service and constant connection to the driver is maintained. My20 analyzes all data, algorithm and logic within the cab on iOS and Android platforms.

“In an edge computing-designed system, all of the gathering and processing of telematics data occurs within the cab of the truck,” said Ken Evans. “This offline computing architecture is extensively more reliable than the prior generation of cloud computing, which often breaks down when the network service is unavailable or there are problems on the cloud server.”

Late 2019 into early 2020, two of the largest fleet management telematics providers both experienced significant outages affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicles and drivers.

These types of outages in servers and networks do not affect Edge Computing telematics systems. While the edge computing system continually gathers and processes live data in the cab regardless of the availability of a network connection or a server in the cloud, fleet managers can be confident that the data processing from the driver’s source will be accurate and readily available.

“Edge Computing technology provides the technology resources to be able to support ELD compliance at all times, providing complete visibility into fleet operations,” continued Evans. “With an Edge Computing device, data is synchronized and transmitted to the cloud for sharing, viewing, and reporting once the network and service become available. Fleet managers are able to communicate with drivers, review HOS data, and optimize backhaul opportunities all in real-time.”

Presented by Journal of Commerce, LogTech20 is the go-to forum for retailers, manufacturers, consumer product companies, agriculture exporters, and other shippers to understand how existing and emergent technology is impacting their international and domestic freight transportation and logistics strategy.

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Will Haraway
Backbeat Marketing