Lapses in Measuring Learning’s Impact is Sabotaging America's Corporations.

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study found that fewer than 16% of organizations are very effectively able to identify and track a series of metrics, including participation, satisfaction, knowledge transfer, behavior change and business impact for any of their learning.

Boca Raton, FL, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Companies are not very good at measuring learning that is not formal in nature, and rely far too heavily on basic metrics such as completion rates and smile sheets. This lack of measurement effectiveness is revealed in Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study results, which show that this shortsightedness prevents companies from transforming learning into a strategic influencer of the business. The study also finds that organizations should be less concerned with the specific ROI of learning and focus on learning’s impact on business outcomes instead.

“Unfortunately, companies that rely too heavily on completions and smile sheets are making a dangerous assumption about their learning programs,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. “They assume all their learning programs are effective and the act of getting learners to complete them equals success. This is often not the case.”

Organizations measure their learning for many reasons. The most common is to improve the effectiveness of the learning programs. But fewer are measuring for more strategic reasons, such as creating a better link between learning and individual or organizational performance. This means that most learning measurement tends to be inward-looking, rather than focusing on the learner or the business.

“Improving performance is arguably the sole purpose of L&D, but to understand learning’s impact, companies should gather the right data,” said Brandon Hall Group Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.

In addition to providing a picture of the current state, based on quantitative and qualitative data from the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Learning Measurement Study, several high-level strategies to improve learning measurement are also revealed in the summary.

To view the 2020 Learning Measurement Study summary, click here.

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