Accredited Teachers and Curriculum Make Elevations RTC a Top Choice

Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center based out of Utah, recently revealed their staff for the new school year, as well as a slightly tweaked curriculum. As a program with a fully accredited curriculum and teachers with years of expertise dealing with teenagers, Elevations RTC believes that they provide one of the best opportunities in the country. With a great set up in place, it increases the chance of overall success for every student.


Elevations works with a diverse group of students with varying diagnosis which may include struggles with learning and overall academic process.  Teenagers come to Elevations RTC to make changes that can last a lifetime. That requires more than just the average teacher. Elevations RTC makes sure that they are hiring top-notch educators, specialists, and leaders to be around each student.

The average teacher in the program has years of experience at Elevations RTC, or they come from a similar program. Having experience working in a place like Elevations RTC can make a significant difference. There are different types of challenges that teachers need to navigate quickly to increase the chances of success with every student. Parents also feel much more comfortable with experienced teachers who know how to approach problems in different ways. Adaptability is a significant quality trait with every teacher since ten students might require ten different approaches for the same topic.

In total, there are eight fully licensed teachers, each specializing in specific subjects. Students rotate between the teachers throughout the school day, and smaller class sizes allow the teachers to provide some individual focus when necessary.

Along with the teachers, numerous specialists meet with students every single week. The entire staff at Elevations RTC has one main goal in mind, and they all bring something different to the table so that a student never feels like they are entirely alone. In a traditional classroom, these types of resources might not be available for students needing extra attention.


A common concern for any parent sending their child away to Elevations RTC is understanding the new curriculum. Will they receive the same level of education at Elevations RTC, or will they not be able to make that transition back home smoothly? The good thing about having a school curriculum that is fully accredited by AdvancED, Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, the Utah Department of Education, and the California Department of Education is that parents can feel confident that their child will come home better than ever.

Before the doors ever opened at Elevations RTC, a major goal was ensuring that no student fell behind in the classroom. Some schools for troubled teens do not push their students enough to get the education they need, and it makes the transition back home extremely difficult. If a student didn’t transition home smoothly, a lot of strides made at Elevations RTC would fade away.

An accredited curriculum also means that credits will transfer with the students when they return home. The last thing any parent wants is to send their child away to a different program, only to need to take a school year over again because they fell behind. It is a problem that some parents do not realize until they already put their child in a program. That is not going to happen at Elevations RTC.

A lot of people might gloss over accreditation as a given, but too many residential treatment centers do not take that extra bit of time to provide a truly quality experience. Going the extra mile in making sure that Elevations RTC matches and even exceeds traditional school curriculums is enough to convince many parents they are making a perfect choice.


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