Florida Cancer Specialists Expands Number of Locations Offering DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System

DigniCap® Can Help Reduce Hair Loss from Chemotherapy Treatments


Fort Myers, Fla., Oct. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS) is pleased to announce it is expanding the number of locations in its statewide network that are offering the DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System to minimize hair loss from certain cancer treatments. By early November, FCS clinics in Lake Mary, Stuart and Orlando (Orange Ave.) will all offer DigniCap® to patients. With these additional clinics, patients can now receive DigniCap® services in a total of 20 locations within the FCS network.

FCS Chief Procurement Officer Paul Chadwick said, “With every location we add we are excited to bring DigniCap® to more of our patients. With over 130 patients treated already, we are bringing DigniCap® online at more sites through the end of the year and we have plans to expand further in 2021.”

Initially cleared by the FDA in 2015, DigniCap® is a patented medical cooling device that offers cancer patients the ability to minimize hair loss during chemotherapy by providing continuous cooling of the scalp with high efficacy, safety and acceptable patient comfort. DigniCap® can be used by both men and women who are receiving chemotherapy to treat solid tumors, such as those associated with breast, prostate, ovarian, uterine, lung and other tissues.

FCS CEO Nathan H. Walcker said, “Florida Cancer Specialists was an early adopter of DigniCap® and FCS physicians report great satisfaction from patients using the system. Bringing the most advanced and innovative technologies to our patients is an essential part of our mission as a community oncology practice to provide world-class cancer care in a setting close to home.”

FCS medical oncologist Julia Cogburn, MD added, “Hair loss is a common side effect of many chemotherapy drugs and, emotionally, this can be very difficult for some patients to process. It’s not only about concerns for their appearance; for some patients, hair loss is a constant reminder of the very serious illness they are fighting. DigniCap® allows these patients to feel better about their treatment and makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude, which can result in better outcomes.”


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Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker; Chief Procurement Officer Paul Chadwick; Medical Oncologist Julia Cogburn, MD

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