Movellus Joins GLOBALFOUNDRIES Ecosystem Program, as Partner Providing Application-Optimized PLLs, DLLs, and Comprehensive Clocking Solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Movellus announced today it has joined the GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®) GLOBALSOLUTIONS® ecosystem program. Movellus’ fully synthesizable and quickly customizable PLLs/DLLs are available to GF customers around the world with the goal of further enabling their designs and ultimately reducing their time-to-market.

GF, the world’s leading specialty foundry, provides differentiated feature-rich solutions that enable customers to develop innovative products for high-growth market segments including IoT, 5G, AI, automotive, and satellite communications.

Movellus’ technology is well-suited for GF’s customers based on the ability to customize its PLLs, DLLs, and clocking solutions for specific applications and processes – including specialty process nodes.

Movellus already has multiple customers with designs built on GF’s high-performance, ultra-low power 22FDX® platform, as well as GF’s 12LP (12nm FinFET) platform with the optional feature of radiation-hardened clocks for aerospace applications.

“New markets, such as IoT and sensors, are creating a demand for unique technologies and GLOBALFOUNDRIES is meeting that need. We are seeing high demand for GF’s 12LP+ solution -- in particular, for AI chips,” said Mo Faisal, President and CEO of Movellus. “Further, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has been a fantastic partner, with an open, flexible partnership program.”


The GLOBALSOLUTIONS program brings together a robust network of leading design enablement providers that offer a best-in-class portfolio of solution offerings. The program comprises of partners that provide EDA software tools, design intellectual property (IP), design, mask, and assembly services.

About Movellus’ Product Portfolio

Movellus’ Application-Optimized™ PLLs, DLLs, and Intelligent Clock Distribution Networks enhance high performance SoCs – optimizing the power, performance, and area of the entire SoC by at least 10%. Movellus products include core application-optimized IP and advanced architectures. They seamlessly integrate into SoCs and leverage existing synthesis, P&R, static timing analysis, and DFT methodologies.

About Movellus

Movellus delivers chip-level architectural innovations to its customers in cloud computing, AI, aerospace, Edge/IoT, and other markets. Movellus’ Clock Distribution Network Products are based on its Application-OptimizedTM IP technology, including PLLs and DLLs. Movellus is located at 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose, CA 95128. For more information please visit or email


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