New book charts one family’s journey untangling the mysteries of regression, diagnosis and recovery

Ellen Woodbriar Lessons from a Complex Child

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent release “Lessons from a Complex Child” (published by Balboa Press) is a powerful book about a family’s coping with a child’s terrifying developmental regression and life-threatening illness. Here, debuting author Ellen Woodbriar shares her experiences advocating for her son while navigating the mysteries of developmental regression and the complexities of diagnosis and recovery.


Jackson Woodbriar is a sweet, gentle and engaging little boy. His developmental journey started out smoothly with the typical colds and viruses that all toddlers get. But by 29 months and multiple illnesses and rounds of antibiotics, he regressed developmentally with no clear-cut medical answer. This is the story of Jackson's regression, ultimate diagnosis, medical intervention, therapies and recovery over a 12-year period.


Writing in a warm, open and vulnerable manner, Woodbriar lets readers into her child’s world — and to her own. Parents will be inspired and encouraged by her discussion of the emotional challenges experienced by everyone in a family with a medically complex child, including relationships and siblings. Readers will also benefit from her insights into a wide range of practical issues, including differing medical practices, securing an appropriate school placement, finding a team of professionals who “get your child,” and dealing with insurance companies. Perhaps most importantly, “Lessons from a Complex Child” will inspire parents to trust their own gut about what is right for their child — and to persevere in their search for ways to maximize their child’s potential.


Any family, physician, therapist or teacher dedicated to caring for children or a loved one with a complex medical situation would benefit from understanding the challenges of both aspects of the book. This book is also intended to provide practical resources and references to any reader working with a complex medical diagnosis. To purchase a copy and know more, visit


“Lessons from a Complex Child”

By Ellen Woodbriar

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781982255008

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781982254988

E-Book | 294 pages | ISBN 9781982254995

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Ellen Woodbriar is a dedicated mother, wife, sister and friend. As a program manager, she spent most of her professional career helping organizations through transformational change. Personal experiences with her family, friends and close colleagues led her through her own transformation resulting in this book, retirement from corporate life, more time with her family, and a career in life coaching. Those who are dealing with a medically complex situation and exploring diagnosis can visit her Facebook page, Lessons from a Complex Child. Woodbriar has established this page for families like hers to share stories, benefit from each other’s knowledge, and feel supported in their journeys. Interested parties may also contact her directly through e-mail at

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