• A project aiming at increasing the industrial facilities to 1.500 m², and 2.500 m² at phase 2
  • A leading site, on a global scale, for ready-to-use surgery instruments
  • A target of 30 employees in phase 1, 80 employees in the next 36 months
  • New growth opportunities and international industrial partnerships

Éragny-sur-Oise, France, November 5th, 2020, 17h35 CET – Safe Orthopaedics (FR0013467123 – ALSAF), a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and marketing of single-use technologies for spinal surgeries, delivering the safest treatment for spinal fractures urgently treated, announces the construction of its Innovation and Industrial Production Center and of a new integrated production Unit in Fleurieux-sur-l’Arbresle (Rhône, France). The foundation stone ceremony was held today on the historical site of LCI Medical, medical devices manufacturer, integrated into Safe Orthopaedics group in July 2020.
The first phase of the project will extend the existing buildings in order to increase them to more than 1.500 m². The new unit will be dedicated to the extension of production means for medical devices in order to sustain the growth of Safe Orthopaedics’ sales and to offer to other customers of LCI Medical – manufacturer of medical devices for spinal, hip and maxillofacial surgeries – new industrial services.
Three new clean rooms with an area of 175 m² will host the Innovating center of Safe group. This center will be dedicated to the development of new technologies, namely in spinal orthopaedics.
The first phase of the project, scheduled to end in summer 2021, will increase the workforce to
30 people, and 80 people for 2.500 m² in the next 36 months.

Reinforcing the leadership of Safe Group in the field of ready-to-use surgical instruments

Innovative and pioneer, Safe Orthopaedics was the first player in the world to make available
« ready-to-use » (implants and instruments) kits for spinal surgeries to orthopaedic surgeons.

With the adoption of its model in 24 countries and with a strong and increasing demand, Safe Orthopaedics reinforces its leadership position by integrating the entire value chain: conception, technology, production, distribution and services for hospitals. LCI Medical will fully contribute to this strategy.

The merger with LCI Medical during summer 2020 also allows Safe Orthopaedics to deploy its know-how in other segments than orthopaedics, through different methods: on its behalf, through subcontracting and for third parties, as original equipment manufacturer, or in the framework of

Mrs. Nicole Vagnier, regional advisor representing Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, President of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, comments : “Our industrial fabric, in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, as in the national territory, needs these strong integrated SMEs, controlling the entire value chain, and their know-how, capable of growing and competing with international concurrence. It is through these SMEs that we will build a real innovative and true industrial field in our country and our region.
Be assured that the Region will assume its role serving entrepreneurs. I particularly have in mind the AMI call for projects for industrial recovery in the territories.”

Pierre Dumouchel, Chief Executive Officer of Safe Orthopaedics and President of LCI Medical, declares: “Safe Orthopaedics was the first to commercialize the first “ready-to-use” technology for spinal surgery. We are proud that these innovations benefited, to this day, to more than 16.500 patients in 24 pays, in only 6 years. These new industrial facilities will allow to offer our customers a short cycle of innovation and to propose innovative logistical and commercial services. They will also allow us to promote “ready-to-use” for new surgical indications and new markets, in partnership with manufacturers and/or through industrial subcontracting with a strong value added. In this year marked by a sanitary and economical crisis, Safe Orthopaedics chose not to deviate its trajectory and still aims, thanks to the integration of LCI Medical, a development that should allow to achieve financial balance in early 2022.

About Safe Orthopaedics 

Founded in 2010, Safe Orthopaedics is a French medical technology company, a pioneer of the design and marketing of innovative ready-to-use technologies (single-use implants and instruments) for spinal fractures treatments. The company develops and manufactures kits combining sterile implants and single-use instruments, available at any time for the surgeon. These technologies enable minimally invasive approach, reducing the risk of cross contamination and infection, in the interest of the patient with a positive impact on hospitalization durations and costs. Protected by 17 patent families, the SteriSpineTM PS are CE marked and FDA approved. Safe Orthopaedics has its headquarters close to Paris (95610 Eragny-sur-Oise – France) has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, United States and in the Lyon area where the manufacturing company is located. The Group employs around 150 employees.
For more information: www.SafeOrthopaedics.com


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