BallotTrax Releases National Data on the Impact of Mail-In Voting on the 2020 Presidential Election

Data shows a greater than 20% increase in voter turnout for voters using BallotTrax

DENVER, Nov. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BallotTrax, the world’s first complete mail ballot locator and notification system, today released the national data as it pertains to mail-in voting for the 2020 Presidential Election. This data is a culmination of 440+ counties across 15 states using BallotTrax’s ballot tracking software and overwhelmingly supports the nation-wide adoption for mail-in voting for all future elections. The results of the data include:

  • 79.5 million ballots tracked vs. 8.7 million in 2016
  • 8 million users/voters vs. 112,491 in 2016
  • 18.8 million email notifications sent
  • 13.3 million text notifications sent
  • 766K voice notifications sent
  • >20% increase in voter turnout for BallotTrax users nationwide
    • >70% average turnout for BallotTrax users
    • 48% voter turnout for non-BallotTrax voters
  • 41 billion records processed
  • 1 million website visits per day during peak election days
  • 46 million voters in BallotTrax system (approximately 20% of total eligible voters)

As states and counties across the country reflect on the 2020 Presidential Election and consider continuing to implement ballot tracking, Steve Olsen, BallotTrax President, offers the following tips:

  • Be Transparent. “Putting together an election in normal circumstances is a large endeavour, let alone during a pandemic. It’s important to be transparent throughout the entire process so that voters and election officials are all on the same page.”
  • Get Ahead of the Game. “Start the process of implementing new election technology three to four months prior to an election, allowing you time to work through any kinks. If starting even earlier, you may have the opportunity to test it out on a smaller election giving officials and voters the opportunity to try it out before a major election.”
  • Be Patient. “Even though BallotTrax has been around since 2009, this can be a new technology for many election officials and for voters alike. Be patient and know that while information may not be immediately available, the technology will do its job and provide timely alerts.”

About BallotTrax
BallotTrax is the country’s first and only complete mail-in ballot locator and notification system, providing tracking, reporting, update and multi-language communication options every step of the way for any election. BallotTrax brings voter confidence back to the democratic process with a proprietary, patent-pending solution proven effective over ten years of extensive testing and elections in multiple counties.

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