Kepler University Expands to 63 Courses and Three “Graduate Level” Programs

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kepler, the digital marketing services provider that sits within the KYU Collective alongside IDEO, Sid Lee and SY Partners, announced today that it has expanded its in-house “undergraduate” training program to include 52 homegrown courses. It has also launched three “graduate” tracks in analytics, campaign optimization, and account management.

The Kepler University program is one of the most rigorous training curricula in the industry, preparing trainees to be experts across all major marketing channels and platforms, including the Google marketing stack, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon Advertising, and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

“After over eight years experience at other agencies, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the depth and breadth of training that Kepler requires of its employees at all levels. It sets a new, high bar for the industry,” said Fred Seddon, Associate Director at Kepler.

The program has enabled Kepler to maintain standards and ensure all staff are industry experts, while it scaled to nearly 350 employees across six offices. “We don’t have anyone at Kepler who is just a relationship manager,” says Seddon. “Everyone on the team understands the strategy and the technical details.”

In addition to training internal teams and new hires, the firm also offers Kepler University courses to clients, who can participate in the full curriculum or join ad hoc sessions to help fill a skill gap or learn about new digital channels.

Expanding beyond industry and technical courses, Kepler University recently launched “milestone training” to help newly promoted employees succeed at the next level. For example, a Senior Analyst with one to three years’ experience can take courses on public speaking, emerging media channels, and providing team feedback. More senior team members may upskill on negotiation, team leadership, and advanced technical skills.

Karinna Maldonado, Head of Training, is executing on an ambitious vision for the program. “We will continue to expand course offerings to keep our team’s skills sharp in the rapidly changing worlds of media and marketing. Ultimately, we’re training business leaders who can build a full career at Kepler and beyond.”

About Kepler Group
Kepler, founded in 2012, provides advanced digital and database services to clients in financial services, retail, healthcare, media & entertainment, and other industries. Its core services revolve around helping clients use data to power more dynamic and personalized Marketing -- including digital media and advanced TV, CRM, and database and marketing systems integration. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in London, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Costa Rica.

Kepler is a member of kyu, a strategic operating unit of Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. Fellow member companies include: IDEO, Sid Lee, SYPartners, and BEworks.

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Carolyn Powell