Acuant Joins Canada’s Digital Identity Organization to Impact a More Secure Future

Acuant and the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) Share a Commitment to the Creation of a Trust Framework

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced it has become a member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). DIACC is a non-profit coalition that includes representatives from both federal and provincial levels of government as well as private sector leaders that are developing a secure Canadian digital identification and authentication framework for consumers and businesses.

Acuant’s mission is to power trust. They accomplish this by enabling trusted transactions that are privacy minded, putting consumers in control of their data and minimizing risk. As the expansion of the digital economy continues and with enterprises harvesting more sensitive data, securing the digital identity of citizens is of critical importance. Acuant is dedicated to helping shape the future of identity services, which will respect the fundamental human rights of privacy in this digital age while building upon the foundations of trust and security.

“Becoming a member of DIACC is a natural extension of who Acuant is and what we stand for - creating a safe ecosystem for digital identities that is embedded with security, privacy and scalability,” said Yossi Zekri, president and CEO at Acuant. “We are excited to join this group and see this as a global mission. The identity landscape is evolving, and we want security and privacy to mirror this to allow the owners of their identities to be in control.”

With digital adoption increasing across all industries alongside increasing fraud, Acuant is at the forefront to ensure proper digital verification establishes trust between businesses and consumers.

“The DIACC strives to grow our membership base to include more of the key players within the identity industry,” said Joni Brennan, DIACC President. “The Council and I welcome Acuant and the thought leadership they can bring to furthering our mission and work.”

DIACC has also formed the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF) which is a set of guidelines for all organizations to follow when developing digital ID programs to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place. The goal is to decrease costs for governments, consumers, and business while improving service delivery and driving GDP growth.

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