Apple Rush Company, Inc. CEO issues Thanksgiving Day Letter to Shareholders, with significant performance updates announcing new Production Runs of Apple Rush Sparkling Juice Drinks

TITUSVILLE, Fla., Nov. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Apple Rush Company, Inc. (OTC PINK:APRU) (the “company”) has not seen its stock price rebound in 2020 while operations have continued. Share reductions and business acquisitions have led to stronger operational performance than expected during pandemic lockdowns and many months of impacted operations. As the Thanksgiving Holiday week begins, the CEO in a letter to Shareholders says, below:

Dear APRU stakeholders:

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the opportunities we are now navigating at the year’s end, and as a new one begins. This year has taught us how to persevere through very difficult circumstances and I feel that our new initiatives are going to pay big dividends in the coming months and years.

The most important new developments have been the ongoing expansions and sales of Element C - expanding now in the Midwest, Upper Midwest and throughout Florida and other South Eastern states with distribution arranged though Southern Eagle Distributing, Inc. and our North Dakota partners, as well as in Virginia with Botanaway. We own Element Brands outright, and Apple Rush in 16 states through distributors and brick and mortar stores, and Internationally for Apple Rush Sparkling Drinks. We have a deal in place to get the 50 state rights but 2020 was not the time to conclude that and it is pending until more normal times to expand. We can sell, have and will continue to sell Apple Rush Drinks online nationally.

We have unfilled orders for Apple Rush that we will now focus on filling as quickly as we can. To that end, we are working on multiple new runs of Apple Rush 8 oz cans, and have a sufficient amount of aluminum cans now on hand and purchased to fill all of our existing orders and replenish inventories as needed. We have secured craft level batch production capabilities in Florida and will soon announce a new production facility in the Midwest.

We see growth in the Midwest being stronger and organic. We all know the products taste great and others are learning that too over time. We are responding to the customer demand that frankly we had expected earlier, but was not seen before now.

We know the consumer demand is real and we are happy to be able to share that with you. We are in the preparing to put Apple Rush sparkling juices back on the Amazon Platform and utilizing the success of Element C to regain entry back at retail with our new packaging. We are responding.

We are also selling Mistyk Cleaner and sanitizer products and anticipate that to continue as we expand the uses for the filling lines and equipment we have. We will be using the bottling line to run new Kratom products we have developed over the last couple of years that are seeing strong acceptance in the market.

Throughout 2020, financials have been posted timely and professionally. We remain committed to exchange uplisting in the future, and we anticipate that will require audits that will occur in time. This was not the year for such expenses or the time to alter the capital structure of the company. We have commitment from investors and for that I am grateful.

Investors should know that since taking over the APRU Brands, securing ownership, and defending the trademark, now working on re-establishment of the Hard Rush co-owned trademark (which is also delayed and requiring a legal action that is underway), growing production and the portfolio of APRU Brand’s products, adding valuable distribution, reducing the outstanding shares by billions of shares, buying the Mistyk Brand and helping with filling the need for hand sanitizers, management is busy working on the current chapter of growth.

Make no mistake these efforts are working and as a public company we are on track to have the company’s value restored by the end of this year or early in 2021. The challenges of 2020 were not normal and “a pivot” was required and disclosed through many press releases highlight the company changes. We look forward to canning, bottling, selling and distribution Sparkling Juice Drinks nationally and to the faster grown of all lines including Element C, Element K and the future launch of Element S as well. There will be continued efforts to reduce trading shares in 2021 as well.

I never could have predicted 2020, but I am grateful because we are more nimble and responsive and know where to go when thinks return to normal. I am committed to making growth and sales continue to happen. APRU is making steady progress and the trend is going to continue and will be accelerating. Success is our only goal and that still means getting to the “$100,000,000.00" in annual sales I have mentioned pro forma.

The brands are strong, the products are good, safe, and taste great too, and moreover the product mix is varied. We expect several important tweets to be made at the time of completion in the coming months on Twitter at

Let’s Go APRU,

/S/ Tony Torgerud, CEO

About The Apple Rush Co., Inc.

The Apple Rush Company, Inc.(APRU) through its subsidiaries APRU, LLC. is a distributor of cpg products under the trademarked Apple Rush brand and other labels, all natural Apple Rush sparkling juices, and research and development of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives and other active ingredients such as our exclusive agathos active, kratom, kava, blue lotus, and ginseng.

The Apple Rush brand has more than 40 years of existence in the natural beverage industry. As a historical leader in the organic and natural beverage sector our goal is to also become the leader in the distribution of anhydrous hempoil products nationwide.

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