Elevations RTC Aims to Help Teens on Campus and Families at Home

Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center based in Syracuse, Utah, brings in troubled teens to their program from all over the United States. The focus is on encouraging positive and healthy development at a critical time to turn a teenager’s life around. With such a focus on the teenager’s well-being, helping out families back home is also a crucial part of the process.

Students spend a relatively short amount of time on campus at Elevations RTC, but for many families, this is the first time separated from their child for so long. These are years that the vast majority of families take for granted as time spent together, and it can be hard to have a helpless feeling from so far away. Modern technology bridges the gap to a certain degree, but it takes a willing program like Elevations RTC to keep families back home engaged and provide a proper amount of support for them.

While teenagers focus on their development on campus, parents have the opportunity to talk with teachers and staff at any time. If there are any causes for concern, teachers will take the time to talk on the phone, set up a video conference, or even meet in person if feasible. This is the same as a parent-teacher conference in a traditional school setting, and it can be extremely beneficial in understanding the curriculum and how a student is doing.

Many parents have similar concerns when they send their child to Elevations RTC. That is why the program has a weekly parent connection support group for current families. Jennifer Maddock, LMFT, treats it like an open forum where parents can ask questions directed towards her or throw it out to all of the families.

As the assistant clinical director at Elevations RTC, Maddock interacts with the teens often. She is also in constant contact with others on staff, allowing her to have an excellent feel for how everything is going. She provides support not only for the teens in person but for family members far away. Every single Monday, parents can join and learn about what might be going on around campus.

Another way that Elevations RTC helps out teens and parents involves bringing alumni back to talk. Teenagers can benefit from getting information from those who have gone through the program in the past. It is also beneficial for parents to learn from others and how they dealt with all the changes.

Support for teenagers while on campus is evident enough, but parents might not understand just how much support is available for them back home. As the months go on, the goal is to have everyone feel confident in the decision and excited about the future. A supported teen and family can strengthen their bond, even if they spend months separated.

The goal with every Elevations RTC teenager is to send them back home as a graduate ready to make a smooth transition. Long term results start with support during a critical time in development. Getting the right help on campus can make a big difference in getting life turned around at home.

About Elevations RTC

Elevations RTC is one of the leading residential treatment centers for troubled teenagers in the United States. Accepting students of all genders and backgrounds, they have an opportunity to work on development in a safe and supportive environment. Located in Syracuse, Utah, every student lives on campus and has the chance to take advantage of all the benefits of living in a unique community surrounded by peers making changes in their life as well.


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