Kajabi Releases Study on Imposter Syndrome in the Business Community

Study investigates the prominence of imposter syndrome felt by 84 percent of business professionals and entrepreneurs

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IRVINE, Calif. — Nov. 23, 2020 — Kajabi, an industry-leading all-in-one knowledge commerce platform, has released a first of its kind study on the impact of imposter syndrome on entrepreneurs and small business owners. The study was released in support of Kajabi’s  recent ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ campaign to address the unparalleled and prevalent entrepreneurial challenges of imposter syndrome.


Over 600 entrepreneurs and small business owners were polled on their experiences with imposter syndrome. The survey hopes to help the entrepreneurial community better understand and overcome feelings of self-doubt to embrace their full potential.



  • 84 percent of entrepreneurs and small business owners experience imposter syndrome.
  • A greater percentage of male entrepreneurs experience intense feelings of imposter syndrome, compared to women.
  • Many entrepreneurs are worried about being “found out” for lack of knowledge or ability.
  • A good portion of business owners feel their success is due to luck.

The survey expands on clinical psychologist Dr. Clance’s “Clance Impostor Phenomenon Scale” which measures feelings of imposter syndrome.

“Imposter syndrome can be such a heavy subject and barrier to success for many people. And since it’s perceived as taboo by many, people dealing with imposter syndrome simply don’t feel comfortable talking about their struggles with it,” said Orlando Baeza, CMO of Kajabi. “The biggest downside is feeling isolated and as though you don’t have a community to turn to or resources for how to move past it.”

Kajabi found that imposter syndrome is an obstacle for small business professionals, especially solo entrepreneurs taking big risks in the name of pursuing their dreams. With many serving as their own worst critic, the 'Get Out of Your Own Way' campaign aims to inspire digital entrepreneurs to start building or scaling their online business by destigmatizing common feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.                                                           


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