Bentonville, AR, Nov. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- La Morena®, the beloved Mexican chile, and pepper brand, today announced its special holiday campaign, "We Can With La Morena® ." The campaign was launched in the spirit of not only giving back to its customers but also by encouraging lovers of La Morena® products to spread kindness to others throughout the holiday season. The campaign includes a new La Morena® sweepstakes, which was inspired by the spirit of the holidays, especially to lift people up during the global COVID-19 situation.

Amy Wilson, spokesperson for La Morena® in the US said, "We at La Morena® decided to add happiness to the world with our new campaign 'We Can With La Morena®.' As a company, we value your business and realize just how much cooking you have done this year, often without the full dinner table of family and friends to enjoy your delicious meals. La Morena® considers our customers to be part of our family. Together, we can help each other to have fun and be more joyous in this difficult year of 2020."

La Morena® is sharing lots of love with its loyal customers with weekly prizes from now until Christmas. They will be giving away over $20,000 in cash and prizes. "We at La Morena® are so grateful for our dedicated customers. Please enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 gift cards and fun prizes to put a smile on your faces!" Wilson added. 

Other prizes include Spiritú Gift Boxes, which feature unique items handcrafted by Latina artisans. This special box contains products that support over 50 Latina entrepreneurs and their businesses. Customers also can win thermal food carriers designed to keep dinners hot, wellness kits that include face masks and digital thermometers, and family picnic baskets full of delicious La Morena® products and ingredients.

La Morena® provides the highest quality chile and pepper products, made in the style and with the taste of the authentic Mexican home for cooks who appreciates quality and tradition. The company wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season. The company encourages its customers to enter the sweepstakes today and spread love and fellowship by sharing this special La Morena® sweepstakes with friends and family using the hashtags #WeCanWithLaMorena and #VivaLaMorena.
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As the leader in the chiles and peppers category, La Morena® has been providing US consumers with the highest quality products made with the taste of the authentic Mexican home and traditional recipes for over 40 years. A La Morena® customer is one who appreciates quality and tradition -- just as their philosophy implies. La Morena® has a strong presence in Mexico, the US, and Europe offering quality products and a leadership position in the category.

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