ProcessMaker Announces New Partnership with OpenRules for Decision Management and Business Rules

Durham, NC, Nov. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ProcessMaker, a leader in low-code business process management (BPM) announces a new partnership with OpenRules, an open-source business rule and decision management engine. The partnership allows users to add high performance decision management to applications built with ProcessMaker. This new partnership unlocks a powerful new level of sophistication for process and workflow designers around the globe.  

Global data grew by nearly 100% per year for the past 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down. More and more companies are taking advantage of big data sets to generate business process applications that are smarter than before.  To build these intelligent business process applications, organizations need a combination of decision rules management and low-code business process management.  

Thanks to the new OpenRules on-demand AWS based decision rules service, complex decision rules can now be added to create decision tasks in ProcessMaker without having to purchase or configure additional software. Simply add your decision rules service to your ProcessMaker workflow, and it works.

According to industry analysts by 2023 citizen developers will outnumber professional developers by 4:1.  Now both low-code process applications and the decision rules tables can be developed by a business analyst with no programming experience.   

“OpenRules is recognized as the clear leader in decision systems in the world today,” said Brian Reale, Founder and CEO of ProcessMaker.  “But besides its sheer power, we loved the fact that OpenRules decision tables can be built in Excel and then uploaded to AWS with the click of a button.  There is no software to install or manage, and it works natively in ProcessMaker.  You just can’t beat that.”

“ProcessMaker represents a new breed of low-code process based systems,” explained Dr. Jacob Feldman, Founder & CTO of OpenRules.  “Their design is simpler and more intuitive than other low-code iBPMs systems yet they still focus on the types of complex business problems where decision management is essential.  Their focus on API-based native cloud makes them a natural partner for OpenRules.”

ProcessMaker and OpenRules customers can begin benefitting immediately from this new integration. 

About ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is low-code BPM and workflow software. ProcessMaker makes it easy for business analysts to collaborate with IT to automate complex business processes connecting people and existing company systems. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina in the United States, ProcessMaker has a partner network spread across 35 countries on five continents. Hundreds of commercial customers, including many Fortune 100 companies, rely on ProcessMaker to digitally transform their core business processes enabling faster decision making, improved compliance, and better performance.  ProcessMaker is the winner of the 2020 CODiE award for best digital process automation (DPA) solution.

About OpenRules

OpenRules is a highly popular Digital Decisioning Platform. It provides Business Rule and Decision Management software including one of the fastest rule engines, machine learning tools capable of discovering new rules, and highly efficient decision optimization engines. OpenRules software is oriented to subject matter experts and available on-premise and on-cloud. For the last 15 years OpenRules helps customers worldwide to handle millions of complex rules-based transactions per day in real-world production environments for large corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and online businesses. OpenRules is a winner of the 2018 Business Rules Excellence Award.


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