Electronic Discovery Expert Rene Perras of Justice News Flash Explains Cloud Computing - How Trial Lawyers Can Benefit in e-Discovery

Cloud computing is a tool that the vast majority of tech companies today use. It allows them to take advantage of data storage, processing, and even testing environments.

Dallas, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud computing is now a favored tool employed by nearly every major company in the world. It allows companies to store data, increase processing power and install applications all without investing in hardware or software. Cloud computing allows for companies or individuals to take advantage of hardware and software without the installation or maintenance. Hence, cloud computing is an asset that every company today should have. 

What Does Cloud Computing Offer? 

Cloud computing offers a variety of services that allow companies to do things far beyond their own capabilities. This is in terms of their processing power, storage, application suites, etc. So here are some of the major services that cloud computing offers. 

Data Storage

Cloud computing first and foremost offers you increased storage. You can store hundreds or thousands of gigabytes of storage and beyond depending on what you pay. The storage capacity of cloud computing is used by the biggest companies to store their libraries. For example, Netflix uses AWS to store its huge library of content. 

Increased Processing Power 

Cloud storage can also be used to grant businesses increased processing power. The idea is that you can take advantage faraway processing equipment to run your programs on your own systems. 


There are several cloud computing applications suites that are offered by cloud service providers. For example, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud all offer applications. These can range from word processors to programming tools to video calling programs. These are very useful when a company wants a coherent environment for its employees to work and communicate in.

Testing Environments 

Cloud computing also provides you with testing environments to run programs and apps in. This allows you to run your programs without having the equipment to do so.

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