Bang® Energy Sues Pepsi, Claiming Vindictive Misconduct

WESTON, Fla., Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just months into a tumultuous business relationship, on Oct 23, 2020 Bang Energy gave PepsiCo notice of termination as their exclusive distributor for Bang Energy.

Alleging that PepsiCo failed to meet contractual and joint business plan commitments and requirements under the distribution agreement, Bang Energy has filed suit today further alleging that PepsiCo has engaged and continues to engage in gross misconduct. Unfortunately, we were blindsided and bamboozled.” –Jack Owoc

As previously stated, PepsiCo has been legally terminated by Bang Energy over a month ago. Bang® Energy also alleges in the lawsuit that since being terminated, PepsiCo has falsely represented to independent distributors and retailers that PepsiCo is Bang’s exclusive distributor.

The lawsuit also alleges that PepsiCo has resorted to intimidation tactics with independent distributors and major retailers like Walmart threatening lawsuits against anyone who fails to purchase Bang Energy exclusively from Pepsi.

Bang® Energy further alleges in the lawsuit that PepsiCo, has repeatedly and intentionally sabotaged Bang Energy in the vast retail market.

Make no mistake – PepsiCo has been legally terminated! PepsiCo is no longer Bang Energy’s exclusive distributor. All retailers and third parties are legally free to purchase direct from Bang Energy and its extensive network of authorized distributors. Again, PepsiCo is no longer legally Bang Energy’s exclusive distributor.

Any retailers and distributors who have experienced harassment and tortious business interference and need indemnification, or for more information please contact:

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