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Range XTD's mission is to enhance your WiFi's range and support faster connection speeds - to improve signal boosting.

New York, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Range XTD - For sheer ease of use, price point, and durability, the WiFi booster scores a very impressive product rating. Find out why I rate the Range XTD so highly, and why it is such an excellent buy. If you're facing painfully slow internet and WiFi dead spots in your office or home, please read on. I was putting up with precisely the same. No matter where I put my router, half of my house was outside the WiFi footprint. It was a WiFi desert where I could simply not use work on my laptop. Or that was the case until I stumbled across the Range XTD.

For most folks, locating your router is guesswork to a large extent. And even then, it may not be a permanent fixture for a variety of reasons. With the benefit of hindsight - the only precise science known to humans - WiFi extenders are necessary in the modern world with its plethora of devices continuously scanning for WiFi. If slow and weak WiFi sounds all too familiar, you ought to be looking into this product today.

This must-have gadget to turbo-charge your WiFi includes:

  • Dual integral antennae
  • Support for up to 300 Mbps WiFi
  • Support for WPA encryption
  • One LAN port
  • One Wide Area Network/LAN port
  • Push-button WPS
  • LED signal strength light
  • Power and mode functions
  • Setup wizard

Most of the Range XTD reviews I found online were very positive. Now, having bought one myself, I can understand why. The WiFi extender is simple and straightforward. Once it is set up, you can pretty much forget about it. It will work quietly in the background. What you will see is vastly superior WiFi speed and coverage.

There are no flashy design concepts. And that, in my book, is a plus point. It may look functional rather than a piece of artwork, but that's because it works superbly well—function over form, for once. Even if you haven't used a WiFi extender before, you don't need to worry. Installing it is extremely easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

No-nonsense design

Range XTD's mission is to enhance your WiFi's range and support faster connection speeds. To improve signal boosting, the Range XTD deploys two integral antennas. So there are no awkward aerials to get broken or snagged. And it's very safe too. The Range XTD has a push-button to initiate industry-standard encryption on your network (WPA and WPA2 if you are interested). Plug the wireless extender into a power socket, press the WPS push-button, and you're pretty much done. The extender has two ethernet ports for LAN and Wide Area Network/LAN, and three options: Router, Repeater and AP. There's also an on/off power switch.

Setting Up The Range XTD

What I love about this WiFi booster is that there's a signal strength indicator. The three-bar LED light tells you how strong it is, so it's easy to locate the best place for your Range XTD. This feature probably sounds like no big deal, but if you have ever had an extender without an indicator, you will appreciate this thoughtful feature. It takes the guessing out of finding the wireless extender sweetspot, that's for sure.

This feature may not sound revolutionary, but saves plugging in the booster, checking the strength of the signal, and then repeating the process all over again someplace else. I've had wireless extenders where it was total trial and error figuring out the sweet spot between the router and the dead spots in my home.

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Easy installation

The Range XTD installation process is straightforward. Some thought has gone into making it easy to instal in contrast to other extenders that are somewhat involved. So full marks to Range XTD guys from making the setup super easy. Where the Range XTD differs is that a setup wizard does all the work for you. If, like me, you are not a big tech fan, the wizard will get you up and running in no time in a few minutes.

What are the advantages of the Wifi extender?

There's much to love about this product. Not least the very convenient getting started process, which sets this booster apart from the herd. I've tried other WiFi boosters in the past and invariably ran into problems getting them to work correctly. It was a headache and one giant pain to get most of them to work. That's why I was so relieved to find the Range XTD setup so helpful. Click here to discover the current discount!


Not being particularly tech-savvy, I always appreciate it when manufacturers go out of their way to make stuff simple. With the Range XTD, it is plug in, turn on, and let the wizard do its work. And with the LED connection signal light, you can see whether you have picked the right spot for it. Undeniably, the Range XTD will save you a major headache. And what's not to like about that? I don't want to waste an entire afternoon playing around with a WiFi extender merely to discover the best place to plug it in. I am quite sure you have more important stuff to do as well.

More information about the Range XTD WiFi extender

You can't get much simpler than this. There's a power on/off button, and a button to activate encryption on your network so hackers can't spy on you. It can handle wireless connections approaching 300 Mbps, which is impressive by any standard. The dual built-in antennae enhance the wireless signal and ensure you can get the fastest speed possible out of your WiFi.

What else?

The Range XTD is compact and not at all obtrusive when plugged in. You will barely notice it is there after a while. Even visitors haven't seen it.

What are the downsides?

None really that I can immediately think of; my only grouse which comes close to a complaint is the length of the delivery time.

The actual delivery date was slightly past the day I had been quoted when I placed my order. But, in reality, that can occur when you order any product online. However, I suspect the main reason for the slight delay is because the Range XTD WiFi booster is in such high demand. With such massive popularity for this extender, there can occasionally be disruption to stock availability. It should be noted that it won't magically boost your wireless connection speed. It will boost your existing WiFi signal and eliminate areas of weak or no signal. The blurb does say speeds up to 300 Mbps, but that's only if you have that speed in the first place. The extender can handle that connection speed, but it won't give you that speed. So some people might be a little misled by that statement.

It will, however, seem as if your connection is faster, but that's because it boosts your router's signal and makes your existing WiFi signal as widely available as possible. There's no actual speed increase per se. What you are doing is optimizing your WiFi to be the same speed everywhere in your home or office. In terms of connection speed, you get what you pay your ISP for, and if it's not 300 Mbps, then a Range XTD won't help. In reality, with a Range XTD, you are paying for a WiFi signal repeater station. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!


  • Compact and portable
  • Boosts your existing router’s range
  • Twin antenna that will work with a WiFi connection speed of 300Mbps


  • May take some time to sync with your router if placed too far away

Range XTD FAQs

Q: Does it work?

A: Yes! Indeed, it is the perfect solution to expand your WiFi system's footprint and boost its signal. It is ideal for offices, homes, and multi-floor housing that contain multiple users. The Range XTD is an affordable way to enhance your WiFi without recurring monthly fees or contracts.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Range XTD turbo-boosts your WiFi signal to expand your existing router's range. If you have several people using WiFi, they can all expect better connections and enjoy the elimination of WiFi dead zones.

Q: Range XTD - scam or not?

A: It’s neither scam nor a gimmick, for sure. It works exceptionally well at improving internet connections. Adhere to all the suggestions regarding the optimum location of the extender, and you can enjoy all the advantages of this fantastic device as well.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Indeed. In the event that you are not happy with your Range XTD, you can return the device within a month for a quibble-free refund.

Final thoughts on the Range XTD

This WiFi extender kicks butt. It is a serious piece of kit that's reliable and easy to install and use. You may have to be patient after you place your order, but it's well worthwhile, for sure. As plug-and-play goes, this is a no brainer and comes with encryption. If you can put a plug in a socket, you will be fine. Get rid of WiFi no spots and dropped connections with a one-off purchase that does not attract ongoing charges. And with the refund guarantee, there's nothing to stop you trying it out. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Contact Info

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Homepage: https://www.myrangextd.com/

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