Dgraph Labs Launches Slash Enterprise: Fully Hosted, Serverless Version of World’s Most Advanced Graph Database

Slash Enterprise is the most powerful graph database backend for GraphQL at enterprise scale, available today on AWS, Azure, or GCP

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Go Systems Conference San Francisco – Dgraph Labs, creators of the world’s most advanced graph database, today announced the launch of Slash Enterprise, the first fully-managed, serverless solution for enterprises managing workloads with terabytes of data in production that can now run on dedicated, multi-zone clusters with high availability deployed on AWS, Azure, or GCP. Designed for mission-critical workloads at scale, and easily deployed to your cloud, Slash Enterprise can scale from zero to billions of records effortlessly with no single point of failure.

The database that powers Slash Enterprise is Dgraph -- the number one rated graph database on GitHub. Dgraph was inspired by Dgraph Labs founder and CEO Manish Jain’s work at Google on the company’s Knowledge Graph infrastructure, and his efforts to unite all structured data at Google under a single graph indexing and serving system. Dgraph became the first database to natively support GraphQL, and its ability to traverse data with high throughput and low latency has led to it becoming the world's most popular graph database.

“A native graph database is the only solution for developers who need iteration speed and flexibility within GraphQL,” Jain said. Slash Enterprise is what developers in the most demanding production environments need with that speed, scale and flexibility built in.”


  • Save DevOps resources: Your site reliability is managed by Dgraph Labs – recognized world leaders in graph technologies and GraphQL at Google scale – but deployed in your cloud. A fully-managed solution, Slash Enterprise includes automatic full and incremental backups, encrypted EBS volumes, 24x7 strict SLA support, and other critical features required in enterprise production environments.

  • Cloud-based solution: Slash Enterprise deploys for you in the cloud - either AWS, Azure or GCP - with full data sovereignty for stricter compliance. Enjoy dedicated machines while you take full advantage of horizontal scalability as your data and company expand.

  • High Availability: Access all of your data, all the time. Run your mission-critical projects on dedicated, multi-zone clusters with high availability. Without a single point of failure, Slash Enterprise is fault-tolerant.

  • Production-grade Performance for your enterprise. Terabytes of data. Billions of records. Millisecond response time. Dedicated clusters. With high throughput and incredible scalability, Slash Enterprise shows impressive performance on terabytes of data. Get millisecond query speeds and consistently low latency.


Dgraph is used at massive scale by enterprises that include Comcast, Intuit, Siemens, Overstock, VMware and many more.

  • “When we performed a stress test on a thousand concurrent queries, Dgraph was still able to maintain a response time of 50 ms, while simultaneously achieving 15000/s QPS; the performance is excellent,” said Pan Gao, Chief Search Architect of KE Holdings, a publicly-traded online Chinese real estate broker with a market capitalization of more than $48 billion (U.S.) "We've shown that you can build a knowledge graph with 10 billion nodes and deliver millisecond query results and meet enterprise production environment requirements for SLAs and security," Gao said. "We're able to store 48 billion ordered triple datasets in Dgraph."

  • “Within 20 minutes, I had the entire structure of the data set with all the proper interactions captured in Dgraph,” said Mike Hawkes, CTO of Capventis, an Ireland-based global digital transformation company that works with some of the largest enterprises in the world. “We solved this entire problem in one hit. It was months in the planning and minutes in the execution.”


Dgraph Labs (@dgraphlabs) is the creator of Dgraph, the world’s first native GraphQL database with a graph backend. The company’s goal is to provide Google production-level scale and throughput to every developer working with GraphQL. With more than 14,000 GitHub stars and more than 5 million Docker pulls, Dgraph is the most popular open-source graph database in the market. Venture-backed with investors that include Redpoint and Bain Capital, Dgraph customers range from global Fortune 500 companies to emerging startups. For more information, visit https://dgraph.io/.

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