OpenReel Introduces Expanded Video Capabilities with New Remote Capture Platform

Extensive Updates Simplify Remote Video Creation for Global Enterprises, Introducing Upgraded User Interface, Streamlined Workflows, Flexible Organizational Tools, and Robust Camera Controls

NEW YORK, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenReel, the leading enterprise-grade remote video creation platform for global distributed teams, today announced Remote Capture 2.0, a substantial update to its patented technology that introduces a new user interface and expanded organizational tools, collaboration solutions, and controls for video shoots.

OpenReel empowers leading consumer brands and media companies, as well as non-profits, financial services, and software providers, to remotely direct, script, capture, and collaborate on up to 4K quality video content, regardless of their location. Remote Capture 2.0 further streamlines remote video creation by offering tools built specifically for organization and efficiency, cutting down on cumbersome manual adjustments that hinder both virtual and in-person video shoots.

OpenReel’s new functionalities remove additional pain points associated with on-location production while further improving digital white-glove Director, Collaborator, and Subject experiences. Using OpenReel’s technology, marketing, communications, and video teams can execute high-quality content initiatives at scale from over 125 countries without sacrificing production value or the level of collaboration afforded by traditional in-person video shoots.

In addition to a more robust user interface, Remote Capture 2.0 adds a new suite of tools that enhance the recording experience on both sides of the camera, as well as audio, connectivity, and project management upgrades. Combined, these new capabilities significantly expand OpenReel’s platform, augmenting each user’s experience and simplifying the process for those newer to remote video creation. Now, each person involved with a video shoot can keep work processes more organized, resulting in efficient productions with professional quality footage.

Remote Capture 2.0 also builds on several of OpenReel’s existing capabilities, including:

  • Fortified ability to capture multiple angles for high production value, as well as record a panel with up to four different subjects on different devices and in multiple locations;
  • Expanded camera controls and ability to film in 4K resolution on mobile devices and 1080p on webcam, providing expanded options for remote visual controls, such as color balance, frames-per-second (FPS), focus and framing guides; the ability to flip the camera; and more;
  • Increased browser support for the most updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge;
  • Extended teleprompter functionalities, like formatting options and easy-to-adjust speed controls;
  • Enhanced invite system for multiple collaborators and lobby for video subjects as they wait to be admitted into filming sessions;
  • Updated gallery grid-view for collaborators and subjects during the session, as well as upgrades to OpenReel’s Project organization system.

“We’re excited to introduce Remote Capture 2.0 — this update is the result of months of ideation, development, and execution,” said Lee Firestone, CEO of OpenReel. “Customer experience is extremely important at OpenReel, and each of the new capabilities and features introduced was developed with users in mind. Our new platform makes the OpenReel experience more intuitive, all while giving teams the powerful solutions they need to translate their in-person workflows to a digital format and reduce time-to-market for creative video content at scale.”

As remote work shapes the future and demand for quality digital content continues to rise, scalable video workflows that cater to this shift have become a standard in the enterprise. With the new and improved capabilities of Remote Capture 2.0, OpenReel offers its customers an accessible platform that can be used any time, anywhere, by any employee in an organization.

The introduction of Remote Capture 2.0 comes on the heels of explosive growth for OpenReel. In 2020, OpenReel expanded global access to its platform and saw significant YOY growth in its internal team and new clients. OpenReel plans to roll out additional product lines in Q1 of 2021, further improving its platform to provide the best remote video creation technology for the entire enterprise in the new year.

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OpenReel enables remote video creation for enterprises, media, and entertainment companies worldwide, empowering them to direct and film up to 4K video content from over 125 countries. With its patented suite of remote video direction, capture, and collaboration capabilities, OpenReel makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to cut down on the time-and resource-intensive process of on-location video shoots and scale content creation initiatives efficiently and effectively. To learn more about the company, visit:

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