SmithGeiger and Resonance AI Launch the Next Generation of Program and Content Insights

The Newly Formed Partnership Will Use AI-Driven Data Insights to Drive Program Development

Westlake Village, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, Dec. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmithGeiger and Resonance AI are launching a new, strategic partnership designed to transform the way TV and digital content is viewed and perceived by audiences to better inform all aspects of the industry.

Resonance AI analyzes elements in video like characters, pacing, mood, colors, lighting and storylines, and then makes millions of connections between these elements and viewer behaviors to show what is truly impacting the audience. Combined with SmithGeiger’s program of research, analytics, and audience insights, this new platform will help make those who make TV, make TV better.

The platform is built to deliver keen insights, robust, AI-driven analytics, and strategic counsel to guide content producers in pilot testing, series development, story arcs, and ongoing program performance. 

“Our pioneering technology provides the crucial connection between the elements in video content and actual viewer behavior,” says Resonance AI President and Co-Founder Randa Minkarah. “This partnership integrates that technology with SmithGeiger’s expertise in analytics and strategy. We will provide media producers with clear, relevant, real-time data and metrics to enhance program quality and appeal, build audiences, and drive success.” 

According to SmithGeiger President and Founder Seth Geiger, partnering with Resonance AI “represents an ongoing commitment to develop the most precise, predictive, and actionable program insights, guiding program development, production, and marketing with one key goal: driving audience growth.”

By combining the scalable Resonance AI platform with SmithGeiger’s proprietary audience analytics, this approach empowers creators and distributors to readily make decisions based on how their content truly impacts the audience and how they’re performing compared to their competition set. Designed to meet the needs of all content producers–studios to networks, local broadcasters to streamers, cable channels to diginets–clients will be able to look at large-scale trends, drill down on any given day for any specific daypart, or identify any element within a show to determine its effectiveness. Over time, the platform is designed to deliver daily insights and performance metrics, allowing program producers to know how an episode resonates with the audience.  

“In this continually evolving landscape, content creators can now harness the power of AI and connect it to specific benchmarks and programming decisions,” says Dr. Geiger. “Our partnership with Resonance AI combines cutting-edge data analysis with our empirically-driven insights and strategy. Bottom line, we’ve created the most innovative and comprehensive way to understand video and bring program testing into the future.”

About Resonance AI

The Resonance AI machine learning platform determines how video content truly resonates with viewers. Pioneering technology analyzes elements like characters, pacing, mood, colors, lighting, and storylines, and then makes millions of connections between these elements and viewer behaviors. This platform can be tailored for any video—TV shows, trailers, local newscasts, consumer, and retail ads—delivering actionable outcomes via a powerful UI that is easy to deploy. Resonance AI helps you know your audience, grow your audience, and keep them watching. 

About SmithGeiger

SmithGeiger was founded 20 years ago to convert insights into strategy and ideas into action. We are a collective of social scientists, data geeks, journalists, storytellers, strategists, innovators, iconoclasts, and thought leaders. We also share a common thread of curiosity, wonder, passion to find the answer, and dedication to getting it right every time. And we love what we do every day. We conduct over 500 proprietary projects each year on behalf of our clients, designing the precise approach, analytics, and engineering to inform and activate a who’s who in the media, technology, and consumer spaces. We work closely, guiding our partners in navigating their challenges. Our engagements invariably grow into multi-year partnerships, working alongside our clients in growing and effectively meet their business objectives.  

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SmithGeiger and Resonance AI Launch the Next Generation of Program and Content Insights

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