New book helps alleviate caregiver stress in navigating the difficult emotional, psychological and financial challenges

‘Beyond Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide on Coping with the Challenges of Disability, Aging, and Beyond’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

FONTANA, Calif., Dec. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As an educator and advocate for the disabled and the developmentally challenged for 14 years and as a social services director at several skilled nursing facilities for five years, Romwell M. Sabeniano, MBA.HCM witnessed most of the challenges that caregivers' and their families face in dealing with the task. He wanted to help alleviate caregiver stress in navigating through the difficult emotional, psychological, and financial challenges of caregiving and it is for this reason that he has written “Beyond Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide on Coping with the Challenges of Disability, Aging, and Beyond” (published by AuthorHouse).


This book serves as a caregiver's guide in maneuvering through the complex healthcare delivery system and present creative ideas in procuring much-needed support from private entities, state and federally funded programs, and services available in the community. It also illustrates steps, and possible solutions in the appeals process that a caregiver may apply in the event of an unjust or unfair denial of rights of a developmentally challenged adult or a child. The goal is to mitigate the out-of-pocket costs of an already financially burdened population.


This book likewise presents real-life cases and situations experienced by actual patients that benefitted from the author's services during his career as a social worker-case manager. In reading the book, readers will understand why it is difficult to provide care to different people, particularly patients with unique developmental challenges. They will also discover the correlation between aggressive behavior and medical disability, which explains why people act the way they do, sometimes even without reason. And last but not the least, the book provides useful resources for readers and their families in dealing with the difficult challenges of providing continuum of care brought by the lack of availability of community resources, and the defective post-hospitalization services.


“Beyond Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide on Coping with the Challenges of Disability, Aging, and Beyond” does not attempt to encourage nor advocate for the use of unorthodox and unconventional treatment other than those recommended by the individual patients, physicians and other health care professionals. Every approach is unique and different in itself. The use of creative ideas are tempting, and are always welcome especially in desperate situations where one is left without much choice. For more details about the book, please visit


“Beyond Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide on Coping with the Challenges of Disability, Aging, and Beyond”

By Romwell M. Sabeniano, MBA.HCM

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781665501224

E-Book | 182 pages | ISBN 9781665501217

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Romwell M. Sabeniano, MBA.HCM was a case manager and advocated for the developmentally challenged for more than 14 years and a social services director at several convalescent hospitals for five years prior to his retirement in January 2019. He authored three other books: “An Easy Guide on How to Establish Your First Residential Care Facility”, “Caregiving: How to Start a Business of Providing Personalized In-Home Care Service” and “Como Iniciar Una Pequenas y Medianas Empressas de Prestacion Personalizada En Servicio de Assistencia Domiciliaria (a Spanish translation of Caregiving:).” His career as a social servant allowed him to acknowledge and understand the challenging role of caregivers and the serious impact of dealing with the complex healthcare delivery system.

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