“Step Up to The Table” Launches to Throw a Lifeline to America’s Restaurant Industry

The Initiative is Simple…

Purchase Gift Cards or a Meal from Your Favorite Restaurant, Share #StepUptoTheTable and Challenge Someone to Do the Same

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClearPath Solutions, an executive search firm that has been serving the restaurant industry for nearly a decade, announced the launch of Step Up to The Table. The three-part initiative leverages their existing network and it’s simple: purchase restaurant gift cards, or pick up of a meal from your favorite restaurant, share the experience on social media using #StepUpToTheTable, and challenge others to do the same. Although officially launched today, the movement is well underway across America.

Step Up to The Table is a result of a passion that Helen Lao, founder and president of ClearPath Solutions and her team share. They are an executive search firm that matches talent within the industry. Lao started this movement on LinkedIn through her established #HelenontheMove platform. This effort was her way of stepping in to help give back to an industry that has created so many opportunities for so many people.

“Restaurants are the fabric of America and an opportunity to experience the American Dream. They are shuttering one by one as a result of the pandemic,” said Lao. “The trickle-down effect is far-reaching, robbing independent restaurant owners of their life-savings while taking paychecks away from the millions of individuals who rely on their jobs to make ends meet. Step Up To The Table challenges everyone to do their part with the simple task of buying gift cards or a meal from their favorite restaurant.”

Step Up To The Table Launched

Purchasing gift cards could provide a survival bridge for restaurants while they wait for our government to take action. Lao, a second-generation immigrant and small business owner herself, said she could not and would not sit back and watch the restaurant industry crumble; an industry that ClearPath Solutions was built upon, that afforded Lao the opportunity to employ individuals with families of their own.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 17 percent of all restaurants are now closed with more expected in the coming weeks. A recent study by the Association reveals that the average restaurant that is now permanently closed was in business for 16 years. Continued restaurant closures will dramatically alter the landscape of communities across the country.

In an effort to step up, Lao and her team tapped into what they could bring to the table: their network of relationships. This call-to-action through their network is intended to unify and support all restaurants. The impact has ignited a ripple effect on social media with industry leaders and individuals alike unifying with one simple message and a friendly challenge: to purchase gift cards or a meal from their favorite restaurant.

“Step Up to the Table’s intended success will be a reflection of America’s unwillingness to let this industry fail,” Lao said.

To get involved and be a part of the Step Up to the Table challenge:

  • Purchase gift cards and/or pick up a meal from your favorite restaurant
  • Take a photo or video and share on social media using the hashtag #StepUpToTheTable
  • Challenge others to Step Up To The Table and join the movement

To learn more about Step Up to the Table visit us at www.stepuptothetable.com, like or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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