Seenyer launches a curated newsletter of "virtual"entertainment, enrichment, and social connection for the 60+ community, at a time when they need it most

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seenyer has officially launched its free weekly newsletter of curated events for the 60+ community. With a vaccine on the horizon, but still months away, and so many seniors facing a lonely winter, the newsletter has become a lifeline for the 60+ group searching for things to do and people to do them with. Now their weekly calendar is full of theater, dance, music, cooking class, history lectures, museum tours and tons of fun things to try. Seenyer curated online meet-ups to share passions and interests are quickly forming as well.

Seenyer was set to launch pre-pandemic, partnering with museums, theaters, schools, concert and lecture halls, promoting live events and meet-ups. But with the senior community now at its most vulnerable, the need to deliver entertainment, and social engagement has become more important than ever. Belinda Broido, former Creative Director at JWT Agency, has worked on many campaigns targeting seniors. Now she is one. When her mailbox was suddenly inundated with fliers and magazines intended to speak to her senior status, she didn't recognize the images inside their pages or the content they were promoting. There seemed to be a lot of people swinging on their porches. It turns out she wasn’t alone. Belinda started to consult baby boomers and research the community to help analyze and understand their real needs. She found a curious, active and engaged generation looking to be a part of a community reflecting their interests. Seniors today are pursuing further education, cultural enrichment, networking, hobbies, entertainment, and, yes -- love. The overwhelming response and fast-growing subscription rate is certainly proving that to be the case. A robust website and app will follow in the months to come, view an example of one of our past newsletters HERE.

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