New novel demonstrates how older adults still function in ways not normally expected of their age group

‘A Demain’ by Joe Tom King shows the complex lives of three senior citizens

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

PANAMA CITY, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a unique perspective on old age, Joe Tom King’s new novel “A Demain” (published by Archway Publishing) follows three senior citizens navigating sex, love and health as their time on Earth nears completion.


Centering on the lives of Jack and Katie as well as Katie’s friend Maryellen, the story shows their interaction as senior adults though friendships and love affairs. “A Demain” depicts the importance of those connections as they enter into the older phase of their lives as well as the strength and flexibility of older relationships. In addition, although Jack, Katie and Maryellen have common health issues, their exchanges with their doctors are not more significant than those they have with each other or anyone else.


King hopes his book makes the general public aware of how a mature relationship can be. He says that as the “Older population continues to grow, the view of that group needs to be revised to what it can be, instead of the commonly held view of dilapidated, deaf, invalids.”


“A Demain” is available for purchase online at the Archway link above, at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon at:


“A Demain”

By Joe Tom King

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781480892682

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781480892699

E-Book | 200 pages | ISBN 9781480892705

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Joe Tom King is 79 years old and draws on his long experience in the mature adult arena. His viewpoint comes at the reader from all directions. He has been a stockbroker for 50 years. King is a multiple grandfather and married. He has lived most of his life in Panama City, Florida.

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