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Hiya Vitamins are multivitamins that are made from fruits and vegetables. This way, you will be getting many vitamins that are cleaner, stronger, and tastier daily.

New York, Dec. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vitamins are integral for optimal growth and healthy development for children. As a parent, when you are out shopping for vitamins for your kids, you will want to settle for better products that are nutritious and free of sugar. With the wide array of supplements out there, settling for the best is not easy. In fact, you might get confused, not knowing ideal brands that deliver pleasant gluten-free tastes.

To save you from the nightmare of trying different supplements in search of zero added sugar elements, you should settle for these chewable multivitamin minerals. If you go through all these reviews, you will realize all the good brought by this multivitamin.

What are Hiya Vitamins?

Hiya is a brand that deals with many children s vitamins and minerals. Hiya is dedicated to ensuring that your children receive the best vitamins without junk, bringing joy to every parent out there. If you have been shopping for kids' vitamins, you must have realized that most brands deliver short of your expectations. What's more, a keen eye on the ingredients used to make their products will scare you. Most of these vitamins are pure junk and nothing else.

Save yourself from the hustle and settle for this chewable Hiya Vitamins. With this multivitamin, you can be sure of vitamins that are made from fruits and vegetables. So, what does the body need that is found in this vitamin? You will be getting many vitamins that are cleaner, stronger, and tastier daily.

Hiya chewable supplement understands the concerns that the parent has regarding added sugars that most vitamins use today. Therefore, it's safe to take the time to understand what this vitamin brings better to the table. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Why Choose Hiya Chewable Vitamins?

Unregulated and mislabeled vitamins often mislead most parents. It's natural for every parent to be misled by the products that claim to give their children a "super-powered" experience.

  • Gluten-free and natural taste

Hiya's great news is that they are transparent about the ingredients used in their product and the reasons behind using these gummy elements, and we love transparency. The last thing you need to give your children is extra junk with added sugar. As such, Hiya Vitamins have no junk present in the ingredients used. This chewable product is made with a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables. To ensure that common nutritional gaps are filled, there are 15 essential vitamins and minerals blended to form one super-powdered chewable vitamin with no gummy junk.

  • Naturally Sweetened

With the need to boost children's health and well-being, Hiya emphasizes vitamins and minerals healthy for children. The best part is that the vitamins are also chewable and have no added sugar. Children love it because they get the impression that they are chewing gum. The powerful sweetness of the product is obtained from its unique antioxidants and mannitol. This is an all-natural sweetener obtained from pumpkins and strawberries. Guess what? Dentists recommend mannitol sweetener as it helps in fighting tooth decay.

  • Optimized for freshness

While you might assume that this multivitamin sits for months on the shelves of the fresh, fresh freshness of vitamins is often lost. As a result, you might think that your kid is getting the vitamins needed, but they are not in reality. Hiya's good thing is that they will send you fresh vitamins every month to fill in your reusable bottle. You need not worry about the shipping fees as the manufacturer will deliver the product to you without charge.

The total flexibility that comes with buying and refilling your fresh vitamins every day is indeed intriguing. Instead of going for dated junk vitamins you are not sure of their freshness, Hiya delivers your children's vitamins based on a pediatrician recommended schedule. Your kid will be getting the better nutritional value that the product promises to deliver with the least possible sugar with the best taste with no gummy junk, and no preservatives.

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Hiya Vitamins Ingredients

As a parent, you might be curious about the ingredients used and whether they have preservatives.

Here is a look at the 15 essential ingredients included in Hiya vitamins to guarantee your kid gets all the nutrition required for healthy and optimal growth, as mentioned in the reviews.

  • Vitamin A

Nothing scares a parent more than their child being sick. That might be an indication of their weak immunity. To boost and support your child's immunity, a doctor will recommend taking a daily dose of vitamin A food sources like kale, squash, and carrots.

Well, it's even easier for you now that you can find vitamin A in Hiya. This chewable product contains 360mcg of Beta-carotene & retinol palmitate. According to pediatricians, these two forms of vitamins are considered important, and that's why Hiya contains both.

  • Vitamin C

This chewable multivitamin product also contains vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. For every bite, your child gets 40 mcg of vitamin C. Like vitamin A, this vitamin also helps boost your kid's immunity. Regular intake of this supplement will impact the duration of viral infections and common cold your child might suffer from.

As a parent, it's important to note that children cannot produce vitamin C independently. Therefore, they must take this mineral from a source without preservatives.

  • Vitamin D

Did you know that over 40% of children suffer from vitamin D deficiency? A Child with a higher risk is picky eaters, a child living in cold climates, and diabetes.

Another important ingredient Hiya uses is vitamin D. It consists of 25 mcg of this type of vitamin in the form of cholecalciferol. Perhaps you have heard that vitamin D is important as it supports bone development. You want your children to grow healthy and strong. Thus, nourishing them with vitamin D found in Hiya is imperative.

  • Vitamin E

Pediatricians often recommend vitamin E to kids as it helps keep their heart-healthy. It also supports their eyesight and enhances the immune system. You must have heard your doctor recommending foods like almonds, spinach, and avocado to your kids. The same form of the vitamin (3.5 mg of D-Alpha Tocopherol) is found in Hiya. One of the major issues of getting it from other foods is that they rarely list it as part of the ingredients. It might be difficult for you to know whether your children are getting enough.

  • Thiamin (B1)

Hiya contains 0.5 mg thiamin (B1) in the form of thiamin mononitrate. Usually, this form of the supplement is found in legumes, grains, and seaweed. If you are looking to take supplements, thiamin B1 found in Hiya can be an excellent option. The body needs these vitamins to boost moods, improve concentration, and sleep. All these are important for your kid's health and should not be overlooked.

Pediatricians highly recommend taking thiamin (B1), especially for kids who frequently eat processed foods like cereals and pizza.

  • Riboflavin

Your kids will also get the natural form of riboflavin (0.6mcg) in Hiya. You must have doctors recommending that your kids take food and fruits like bananas and spinach frequently. Riboflavin is known to boost one's energy, support eyesight and body cell growth.

  • Vitamin B12

Getting enough sleep is essential for your kids. Besides, you also want them to burst with energy when they take food without preservatives. Hiya has two mcg of methylcobalamin. Most vitamins disregard the importance of this supplement for kids. Therefore, you might miss vitamin B12 in other products.

  • Vitamin B7

Hiya contains the natural form of biotin (B7). Your kids' cellular growth is of great importance to us, and thus Hiya provides for this by including it as part of their vital ingredients. You will also notice your kids' skin health improving after taking Hiya.

  • Calcium

Calcium, another important ingredient used by Hiya to deliver all the nutrients required for healthy bones and development. 20 mcg calcium carbonate is what you get in Hiya.

Parents should understand that kids cannot produce calcium on their own, so their health depends on support from external sources. Worse, they cannot also get the calcium they require from foods alone. Therefore, supplementing with Hiya vitamins is imperative and is equal to many supplements you would have taken.

  • Zinc

Your kid will obtain 3 mg of zinc in Hiya in the form of zinc as citrate. This mineral is usually found in poultry, meat, and beans. Pediatricians often recommend taking this mineral as it supports the immune system. If your child frequently suffers from infections, this mineral will also help.

  • Selenium

Mushrooms and tuna are among people's favorite dishes. Unlike other minerals that disregard this mineral's importance, Hiya will provide your kids with this mineral. Selenium has many benefits; for instance, they help to improve mood, sleep and prevents inflammation.

  • Manganese

Hiya has 1.5 mcg of manganese citrate. Like selenium, this mineral also helps during inflammation. Some of the food that contains this nutrient include spinach, bananas, and avocado.

It's vital not to confuse manganese with magnesium. According to medical specialists, this mineral is integral for kids as they seek growth more than anything else.

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Benefits of Hiya Vitamins

Hiya Vitamins are produced with an outstanding taste that attracts children with ease making it straightforward for them to forge a long-term relationship with fruits and vegetables. Simultaneously, encouraging them to consume vitamins without sugar is a super cool strategy that will work to their leverage.

A single dose of Hiya Vitamins has 12 to 15 different types of minerals essential for kids as they offer protection against many illnesses and improve general body growth and brain development. Some of the benefits of Hiya Vitamins that every parent should be aware of include:

  • Effective and user friendly

Every parent looks for excellent results when purchasing any supplement, and that's precisely what this type of gluten-free hiya health supplement promises to offer. The manufacturer has used only fresh vegetables and fruits and has minimized chemical compounds; hence, it has no allergic reactions. If the health of your child comes first, this vitamin is an efficient product for you.

  • Reusable glass bottle

Your children can use the glass bottle to come up with creative artwork as they enjoy its content. Users can order a different patch using the same bottle to save on cost and to reduce pollution in the environment.

Furthermore, the tablet is flavored with 12 fruits that have a natural sweetness. Each subscription comes in bottles with stickers, which work well for kids. Kids love decorations, and the manufacturer has made sure children will turn taking this supplement without preservatives from an obligation to a full fun event daily.

  • Auto-delivery

With a Hiya health subscription, you will never worry about depleting children's vitamins for your kids each day; the supplement is delivered right to your door. Their subscription process is easy to start without shipping for all orders. What else can you ask for when you have someone who promises to deliver high-quality, chewable, sugar-free vitamins right to your door every month without charge.

  • Made with fruits and veggies

Hiya vitamins are jam-packed with 12 natural fruits and vegetables, including monk fruit sourced directly from the farm and blended to suit the nutritional gaps based on modern science. Additionally, the supplement has no added sugar.

  • Say Goodbye to Sugar Monsters

It's the dream of every parent for their children to grow healthy and strong. Parents are responsible for their kids' optimal growth. With the many vitamins made of sugar rather than nutrients like pantothenic acid, the last thing you'll want to do is make a mistake and choose another supplement that won't deliver a sugar-free taste. Perhaps you have made a mistake once, and you want your child to take something else that will provide your kids with all the important nutrients for the body each day.

Hiya Vitamins is just the product that meets your kids' needs in every way. Besides the nutritional value it offers, its delicious fresh taste will leave your kids craving more healthy gummy vitamins every day made from monk fruit. Indeed, there is no rewarding feeling for a parent that beats the notion of knowing that your kids are eating healthy every day.

It's never too late to restock your vitamin shelf with this better product for your kids' health. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where Can You Buy Hiya Vitamins?

If you wonder where you can make your order, Hiya is easily accessible from the manufacturer's website. It's important not to get confused with other products out there. The advantage of accessing the manufacturer's website is that you will also gain access to discounted offers to save you some change. Keep in mind that discounts will vary from time to time.

As a parent, you should ensure you are always on the lookout for more discounts, especially if you are impressed by this and many other reviews.

Homepage: https://gethiya.io/

E-Mail: support@giddyup.io


Hiya multivitamin consists of as many 15 vital nutrients your kids require for their optimal health and growth. Interestingly, some of these nutrients cannot be found in other vitamins, and that Hiya delivers the freshest vitamins to nourish your kids with the nutrients they require every month.

What's more, it's FDA approved. Parents should be certain that what they are giving kids every day is a safe, sugar-free, and chewable product with the best taste for their good health. If you go through most reviews, all parents appreciate what this multivitamin brings to the table each day, and you will make your order without hesitation.

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