How Royal York Property Management Provides Certainty in Uncertain Times

Royal York Property Management has undergone years of experience and ingenuity resulting in their widespread success

Toronto, Ontario, Jan. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While Toronto has a reputation for being an expensive and merciless city for many renters, characterized by low vacancy rates and high demand, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to some of the highest vacancy rates in the decade.

With increasing vacancies, the power that was once exclusively held by landlords has been transferred to tenants, who are now demanding lower prices and more favourable lease conditions, creating an increasingly perplexing problem for property owners.

Royal York Property Management aims to solve the problem of the ever-changing market by levelling the playing field for both landlords and tenants. Through an intuitive approach to guaranteed rental income, the property owner can feel secure in this new market. has sought out to solve this problem through its intuitive approach to guaranteed rental income.

Founded by Nathan Levinson in 2010, Royal York Property Management has undergone years of experience and ingenuity resulting in their widespread success. Royal York Property Management is no stranger to adversity — with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company continues to buckle down on their implemented strategies to provide security for both property owners and renters.

By offering all services in-house, Royal York Property Management oversees all aspects of the rental process — whether that’s tenant placement, providing legal counsel to advise the property owner on federal and board laws, or providing property maintenance services. This approach is more efficient, cost-effective, and offers a satisfaction guarantee. To further their commitment to satisfaction, Royal York Property Management maintains complete control over the quality of work and does not charge until the job has been completed to the owner’s approval.

Royal York Property Management also offers property owners a rental guarantee that other long-term property management firms do not offer. Royal York Property Management guarantees the property owner a rental income, even if they experience a defaulting tenant. If the tenant wishes to break their lease, Royal York Property Management will find another tenant to fulfill a new one-year lease, guaranteeing another 12 months of rental income for the property owner. If a tenant defaults on their rent, Royal York Property Management maintains their rental income guarantee, pays for legal services to evict tenants, and replace the tenant for free.

The shifting market dynamic in 2020 has also led to a much faster leasing process — with tenants viewing and signing a lease in as little as one-weeks’ time. With the market shifting in favour of the renters, tenants are now making demands to ensure their stay — such as a freshly painted unit or a “hands-on” landlord. Royal York Property Management can provide an unheard-of level of support, knowledge and control over their rental properties with their customizable software. Through millions of dollars of investment, their procedures and internal software are allowing them to keep up with increased demands and a quicker timeline.

Royal York Property Management’s software facilitates a smooth process by screening tenants and protecting landlords from the application process onward. It ensures qualified tenants are treated fairly and that their rights are protected in addition to the owners’.

The software allows tenants to easily and securely fill out and upload forms and documents, upload photos and request work orders, and communicate with the landlord directly. It’s a delineated, straight-forward, and user-friendly interface that allows tenants to experience the benefits of a hands-on landlord while maintaining contactless communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Royal York Property Management’s trajectory over the past decade has been steadily going up and promises to continue with that trend. With eventual plans to take their software public, they’re continually scaling out their software and processes to expand beyond Ontario.

They’ve previously held off on expansion but are now diving in full-force, with short-term plans of branching out into the United States to take over property management firms that require realty licencing to operate. In the next three years, Royal York Property Management aims to expand internationally with the current and progressing acquisition of property management firms in California. In the meantime, Royal York Property Management is dedicated to adapting to the dynamic rental market in Ontario and serving as a leader in their field.

In a dynamic market, there is no room for chance when it comes to Royal York Property Management. With a decade in the industry, they use every experience to improve their process to provide property owners with a solid foundation; to provide certainty in an uncertain time.

With their tenacious devotion to streamlining the property management system and efforts to continually improve their processes and software, there’s no doubt Royal York Property Management will accomplish all of their goals.

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