Radiant UVC’s Ultraviolet Lighting Solutions Disinfect Large Rooms in Minutes

NY-based Manufacturer’s Affordable Disinfection Systems are Helping Restaurants, Schools, and other Businesses to Protect Against the Virus that Causes COVID-19

New York City, NY , Jan. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New York-based Radiant UVC, a manufacturer of UVC disinfection products, is helping restaurants, schools and other businesses to protect against the virus that causes COVID-19 with light-based products that can disinfect large rooms in minutes. The company announced today that it is offering ready-to-order fixtures for room-by-room disinfection as well as custom engineered solutions in which Radiant UVC designs systems based on clients’ floorplans and other specifications.

How UVC Disinfection Works

Radiant UVC’s disinfection systems provide safe and efficient options to help businesses and organizations protect against COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens. The light-based systems have been proven to be 99.99% effective in killing airborne viruses, bacteria and mold. When pathogens are exposed to the Radiant UVC system wavelength range of 200-280 nm, their DNA and RNA rupture and are rendered inactive. Cells become inert and cannot replicate and, as a result, do not have the ability to infect anyone. Depending on the UVC light source, this process generally takes 30 seconds to 2 hours for total effect.

UVC disinfection is completely safe because disinfection only occurs if a room is unoccupied. In addition, safeguards are in place so that local sensors will deactivate the UVC systems if motion is detected. UVC disinfecting solutions offer:

  • Disinfecting in approximately 30 minutes up to 2- 4 hours per room
  • Disinfecting with 1-2 systems per room (rear and front of room)
  • An alternative or supplementary system to existing sanitization methods
  • Do it yourself installation and operation
  • Programmable remote controls

Restaurants and Schools Leading the Switch to UV-based Sanitization

While the applications for UVC-based disinfecting are broad, restaurants and schools have been some of the earliest adopters of the technology aside from hospitals. On Radiant UVC’s website, for instance, the company references multiple diagrams from restaurant and school settings in which Radiant UVC engineered solutions per a client’s specific layout. The results show room-by-room systems that operate at the touch of a remote with no need for special installation. Once turned on, the systems scan the area to provide whole room disinfecting. For added convenience, many of the UVC systems are portable and can be programmed by Radiant UVC to operate automatically within certain time parameters each day.

Radiant UVC company representatives commented that “The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to adjust their way of life to accommodate strict sanitization practices. With our UVC light disinfecting solutions, we are happy to offer an alternative that makes things easier for businesses and organizations to operate and to have the peace of mind that their environments are safe.”

Suitable for:

UV light has been used as a disinfecting method in hospitals, food processing, labs, public transportation and water treatment for over 100 years. According to the National Health Commission and the CDC, UV disinfecting can be an effective method of sanitization because viruses are sensitive to light and heat. With a combination of traditional cleaning practices and a UVC disinfecting light, commercial business, schools and municipal buildings can benefit from maximum coverage and peace of mind. While UVC light and its direct effect on COVID-19 is still being confirmed, UVC light is already proven to kill other coronaviruses like SARS.

UVC Light Provides Full Room Protection

Radiant UVC disinfecting lights offer full room UVC light cleaning by placing multiple sanitizing tripod-like units in a designated room to completely disinfect hard to reach areas that are not caught by traditional cleaning methods. This technology, typically used to sterilize hospital rooms, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times thanks to commercial distribution made available by Radiant UVC.

UVC lighting systems can be beneficial in a range of environments and are most suited for: Gyms, Medical & Health Facilities, House of Worship, Hospital Rooms, Dental Offices, Hotel Rooms, Corporate Offices, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Restaurants and Bars, Municipal Buildings and Public Areas, and SPAs and Salons.

With UVC lighting solutions, customers benefit from the unique combination of a germicidal, anti-viral and sporicidal solution that is remote controlled, programmable, and portable all without exposing people to harm or chemical residue and odor.

Said company executives, “Aside from providing a more convenient and non-chemical cleaning solution to our customers, we are also helping to build back trust within communities. As gyms, restaurants, schools and more move to reopening and expanding their capacity, our systems can help ensure a full coverage room-by-room solution that other cleaning methods cannot touch in terms of time efficiency, area covered and effectiveness.”

To find out more about how UVC disinfecting lights work and to view ready-to-order and custom engineered systems, visit Radiant UVC’s website at www.radiantuvc.com.

About Radiant UVC

Radiant UVC is a veteran-owned and minority owned business manufacturing ready-to-order UVC disinfection products as well as systems designed to client specifications when needed. Based out of Bohemia, New York, the company has focused its efforts making hospital grade UV disinfecting technology available commercially to a range of businesses including gyms, medical & health facilities, house of worship, hospital rooms, dental offices, hotel rooms, corporate offices, schools, colleges & universities, restaurants and bars, municipal buildings and public areas, and SPAs and salons. UVC’s light-based disinfecting systems have been proven to be 99.99% effective in killing airborne viruses, bacteria and mold. To find out more, visit www.radiantuvc.com.

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