The 10 Social Media Managers to Watch in 2021


New York, New York, Jan. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social media has become a huge part of our lives over the past decade. With more and more people jumping online every day, it has become the perfect opportunity for businesses to market to their consumers. With attention up for grabs every second of every day, success often comes down to those who are able to capture the most attention - which an incredible social media page will certainly do. However, many businesses and business owners in particular don’t know where to start when it comes to social media. According to Boost Media Agency, if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage your socials, you need an expert social media manager on your team. Each with the own unique area of expertise, here we present the 10 social media managers to watch in 2021. 

Aideé Chavez Frescas (@aideechavezfrescas)

Aideé Chavez Frescas is the founder of Be Mas Social, a social media agency that helps brands become purposeful and inclusive. Its goal is to bring as many people as it can into the fold. Being an inclusive agency, it works with a global community with clients all over the world. As the founder, Aideé is committed to a seamless, stellar client experience and has been described by her clients as ‘organized’ and ‘efficient’. She attributes this to Honey Book as the CRM for her own business. Aideé’s services range from helping clients create their own branded processes for brand growth to helping clients with the whole deal, from strategy to community management.  

Aideé also hosts a podcast, Emprende con Aideé, about entrepreneurship. Over the years, her desire to share her knowledge in a more accessible way has grown. With this in mind, she also created The Social Media Academy for entrepreneurs, for aspiring Social Media Managers (SMM), and for anyone else who wants to maximize social media for their business. Aideé is also a social media manager with deep expertise based on intention and sound content strategy. For her, it is never about how many followers you have but how many people you can help.

Abby Bramwell (@socialmediamama_)

Abby Bramwell is the founder of Social Media Mama, a successful marketing company that helps small businesses fulfill their dreams. Abby is a self-taught entrepreneur whose first project was an Instagram e-commerce store for mums, babies, and children. The idea was born during maternity leave and it became a 6-figure business in 2019. She ran her business off Instagram alone, which requires a tonne of studies to understand algorithms, hashtags, communities, Stories, and so much more. There’s a lot that goes into building a successful business on Instagram, but Abby accomplished her goals and she never went back to that 9 to 5 job. 

It all began back in 2017 and after 2 long years of working non-stop, her store gained over 54,000 followers. She did everything herself, from administering tasks to packing orders, and it soon began affecting her work/life balance. and the passion started declining. That’s when she decided to sell her business and begin the journey towards building Social Media Mama. 

As a mother who knows the struggles of starting her own business, Abby decided she would help other people in the same position realise their dreams and help create their presence online. Social Media Mama is focused on helping small businesses (mostly run by mums), to understand Instagram features, the algorithm and how to market their business. The idea is to handle all their social media and marketing needs, so these entrepreneurs have more time to focus on their building their product and finding that work/life balance they need so much within their own family!

Ania Barycka (@askaniamedia)

Ania Barycka, coined the ‘Instagram Hashtag Queen’, is a full-time social media manager and coach who has cracked the code on Instagram hashtags.  She started AskAniaMedia as a sideline in March 2020. 10 months later, it has transitioned into a full-time and fully booked social media management services and coaching business.

As a Political Science degree graduate with honors and a Juris Doctor law degree holder, she knows more than anyone the importance of education. She shares her social media knowledge by helping businesses get visibility online using organic marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. She creates professional curated, captioned, hashtagged, and scheduled content for her clients. She hosts free masterclasses on hashtags and has a best-selling Hashtag Webinar + Workbook + 1:1 session bundle. She also coaches social media managers and virtual assistants in gaining more clarity in their offers and strategies, increasing their value, and automating their businesses.

Ania is deeply passionate about connecting with the entrepreneurs and businesses she represents online. From the way she creates content, writes captions, creates engaging calls to action, to using her signature hashtag strategies, she ensures her clients’ unique businesses are always at the center of her work.

Jordan Quinn (@jordanquinnstagram)

A Canada-based entrepreneur and social media manager, Jordan Quinn is a true go-getter – owning multiple companies which all compliment the work she does as a social media queen. One of these happens to be an influencer agency, where those relationships she has built help to set her apart in a saturated industry.  

Jordan is the founder of socialQ, a social media management service for all things branding, social media, websites and more. Jordan believes in the power of parenting bloggers influence to inspire today’s generation of new and expecting moms’ and dads’ purchasing decisions. Since 2018, socialQ has led more than 1000 successful influencer campaigns with some of the world’s largest brand names, including, but not limited to: Walmart, Canadian Tire, McDonald’s, Pampers, Rogers, LG, Fisher Price, Home Depot, Amazon and Disney

Quinfluence, The Canadian Influencer Marketing Division of socialQ, manages the country’s most influential players in the parenting category. Creative and connected, her roster of digital storytellers is fully immersed in the ever-changing social media space. In the loud world of social media management, Jordan is able to cut through the noise with her standout brand – and has the knowledge and breadth of experience to take yours to the next level.

Ashly Brook Siandre (@theashlybrook)

Ashly Brook Siandre is a social media manager with a degree in Digital Communications. She had been working for jewelry designer, Alex Sepkus, in New York City when the pandemic hit, and she lost revenue streams. Despite this setback, she took a leap of faith and started her own company in November 2020.

Ashly focuses on social media as a whole package while maximizing both Instagram and Pinterest. She crafts financially feasible packages that offer maximum exposure. Through Instagram, she helps promote companies on a day-to-day basis while Pinterest offers a longer shelf-life. With the success of her business, she has gained a lot of attention from other women who want to follow in her footsteps and has opened Teaching/ Strategy 1:1 sessions to teach them how to navigate their path in the SMM industry.

Ashly’s passion predominantly lies in helping female-owned businesses work towards the goal of booking more clients and selling more, by authentically growing their business through social media & community creation. Authenticity is the name of the game. She believes that money does not always equal value and she works hard to build up her business by putting herself out there as authentically as possible.

Lyndsay Platz (@lyndsay.platz)

Lyndsay Platz is a social media manager who specializes in Instagram engagement. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she first started her business building websites and creating graphic designs. However she quickly realized that she did not fully align with those services and since then, she has transitioned into full-time social media management. 

She currently serves a variety of clients such as business coaches, mindset coaches, health & wellness coaches, public speaking coaches, and singing coaches. She has also worked with a few local companies (jewellers, farm stands, salons, etc.). Moving into 2021, she will be transitioning into an agency where she will be offering Pinterest Management, Social Media Management, Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Facebook Management. She also plans to set up a branding studio. With so many businesses transitioning online, she notes the importance of a strong social presence that not only shows authority but also builds trust with its audience. 

Lyndsay loves mentoring those who want to invest in their social media but still want to stay in control. She takes pride in being able to create impact within different communities and businesses. Her clients have seen great results and feel 10x more confident in their social media advertising. She always believes impact over income. 

Kaitlin Lish (@kaitlinlish_llc)

Kaitlin Lish is the founder of Kaitlin Lish LLC, which specializes in helping health coaches with content creation and social media backend tasks, enabling them to fully focus on growing and supporting their respective clients. Kaitlin graduated with a degree in Health Education and Promotion. She then spent 2 years in marketing and communications for a boutique public health consulting firm, where she supported the creation of accessible health information products. 

Her passion has always been in health and wellness, which is what inspired her to help health coaches reach more people looking to live healthier lifestyles through solid content, design, and social media strategies. Kaitlin’s expertise in clear and effective messaging based on audience profile shines through when she creates content. 

Because of her background, creating engaging content comes naturally to Kaitlin. She is familiar with the pain points that keep people from achieving optimal health — and what it takes to get them from the contemplation stage to taking action.  Kaitlin also loves looking at social media analytics, writing content, and graphic design, and is one to keep an eye on in 2021.

Rebeca Antunes (@itsbecaantunes)

An up and coming star in the social media manager world, at just 19 years of age Rebeca Antunes is well on her way to reaching some big goals she’s set as an entrepreneur. Studying psychology in college, Rebeca has dreamed of being her own boss and working on her own schedule since a young age –which now, she is doing just that.

Following her passion for social media and photography, Rebeca has been able to prioritize building relationships with her clients, ensuring their needs are met every step of the way. “I knew there was no better way to get this than combining my love for social media and photographers. I started this business in the middle of the pandemic because I wanted to try new things and it was the best decision ever” Rebeca explains.

Her emphasis on building strong relationships with her clients has seen her business grow quickly, doubling her monthly income from her other job in just 3 months. With expertise in Pinterest and blogging, Rebeca has been able to grow her client’s platforms and visibility. If you’re looking for someone to take your photography business to the next level online, look no further than Rebeca Antunes.

Stephanie Morgan (@sociallock)

Stephanie Morgan is the founder of Social Lock, which helps busy entrepreneurs with their social media presence so they can spend time focusing on the parts of the business they actually care about. They offer social media management, consulting, and done-for-you strategy kits, and also a hashtag strategy e-book and a social media template toolkit. Social Lock’s first course is set to launch in January 2021. The course will guide participants through best practices for creating the most classic and the newest forms of content on social media including Instagram Reels.

What sets Stephanie apart is her corporate marketing experience prior to launching her own business. She also served on a board of directors as marketing director for a local nonprofit organization. This gave her the opportunity to work with over a dozen brands of different sizes and industries – effectively knowing how things are done in the "big boy leagues". Having been fully immersed in all the important functions of a marketing team outside social media, she is also a capable marketing subject matter expert for clients. Having been fully immersed in all the important functions of a marketing team outside social media, she is also a capable marketing subject matter expert for clients. Thus, Social Lock takes pride in being able to create strategies and manage social media for brands in any industry, with any goals

Stephanie’s specialties as a social media manager are copywriting, engagement, and crisis management. She values the connecting power of social media and how it can provide more positive opportunities and experiences, when utilized the right way.

Angelika (@drostudio_)

Angelika is a social media manager who specialises in helping female entrepreneurs grow their social media through purposeful brand design and social media management. Angelika takes a value centred approach to her work, offering a tonne of value multiple times a week across her social platforms. 

Angelika is highly focused on delivering value to her clients, offering them a curated experience and access to her directly throughout the duration of working together. “By interacting with my clients, it allows me to learn new things, teach new things, and even open up new doors for my business” Angelika explains. 

If you’re a female coach, consultant or entrepreneur, Angelika is the expert you need to deepen your relationship with your audience and ultimately, grow your business.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing social media managers, as they continue to thrive and help their clients have an amazing social media presence.  Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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