The Top 10 Health & Wellness Brands to Watch in 2021


New York, New York, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our health is arguably the most important part of our well-being and longevity as human beings. In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what we should be consuming and implementing on a day-to-day basis. Products are marketed to be healthy and good for you, but simply looking at the ingredients and calorie information of the packaged foods we eat  just isn’t enough. According to Boost Media Agency, choosing the right health products is key to our vitality and living a sustainable life. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to choose - but here we make it easy, sharing with you 10 of the top health and wellness brands to watch out for in 2021. 

Organifi – @organifi

Organifi brings together the world's most high-quality superfood blends in a way that is delicious, convenient, and easily accessible to all. Over one million people have already felt the impact of Organifi and this is only the beginning for the company. “Our goal is to transform the world through community, nutrition, and habit transformation. We’re in this together and we’re just getting started,” the brand states. Organifi began with a group of friends seeking to empower themselves through better nutrition and creating powerful new habits to support the former. Realizing that there was no easy way to get the nutrition they needed unless they spent their time chopping, pressing, and juicing, the group sought to make the healthy path easier for all. After 52 iterations, the team found a way to make superior nutrition tasty and without compromising any quality, thus Organifi’s first Green Juice was born. The brand is committed to supporting organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices to rebuild our planet and their blends are Non-GMO and Glyphosate Residue Free. By choosing organic ingredients and processes, Organifi leads the way in creating a positive ripple effect to shift the conventional food system infrastructure. Now with millions of high-quality superfood blends shared and hundreds of thousands of lives changed, Organifi proves that transformation doesn’t have to be hard. 

Sup Supplements - @sup_supplements 

WhatSUP? You may have seen this brand on the shelves of your local grocery store, and if you haven’t, you should definitely keep an eye out for them! Created by a bunch of Aussie ‘vitamin nerds’, SUP Supplements are the product of their passion, innovation, and dedication to promoting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. “We decided to take a 360- degree approach to creating our supplements,” the brand states, “by choosing to formulate targeted supplements in unique and personalised formats, we are creating products for everyone, no matter how you SUP!” With so many of us faced with the mounting pressures of having to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle, consuming the right vitamins and minerals has never been so important. Whilst we can’t always ease up the pressures of life, we can look to nature to have our back, and help improve our general health and wellbeing. The brand makes this easier for us by bringing the fun back into vitamins and supplements through their innovative formats. Now, how exactly can you SUP? The range is available in SHOT SUP health drinks, CHEW SUP gummies, or POP SUP tablets and capsules, found in simple, easy to understand formulations, finally, a supplement brand that speaks our language! SUP is taking a massive step in the mental wellbeing space, with a range of products that improve sleep, contain adaptogens for relieving mild anxiety and nootropics for supporting cognitive function. Focus. Stress Less. Sleep. Repeat.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts – @maunaloamacnut

Beginning in 1949, at the base of its namesake volcano, Mauna Loa learned to grow and roast macadamias to produce a nutrient-dense nut with a uniquely luscious buttery flavor and satisfying crunch—becoming a Hawaiian icon in the process. With its core line-up of dry-roasted, flavored macadamias, Mauna Loa is a favorite for those who follow Keto and Paleo diets, as macadamias are naturally low-carb and high in good fats, with the best omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of any tree nut.  Continuing to innovate by harnessing the plant-based power of macadamias, and the vibrant flavors of Hawaii, the brand is launching the first non-dairy, macadamia milk nice cream. “With the opportunity to establish Mauna Loa as Hawaii’s wellness brand, both on the islands and the mainland, we’re excited to be the first to bring our mighty macadamia to the frozen dessert segment,” shared Ed Schultz, President and CEO of Hawaiian Host Group — Mauna Loa’s parent company. “When we trialled our dairy-free ice cream with consumers, they were most excited about its creaminess, which makes the perfect base for a plant-powered treat.” Mauna Loa’s new line of macadamia-based dairy-free ice cream comes in six flavors: Mango Lilikoi, Kona Coffee, Rocky Road to Hana, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate, and Vanilla Chip. The entirely-vegan line is free from dairy, gluten, and GMOs, and serving as the company’s first step towards creating more products with the health and wellness consumer's needs in mind.  

The Reserve – @fromthereserve

Meet The Reserve, the superfood brand going back to the root of health and wellness. This health and wellness brand incorporate into their powder blends various fibres, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been used since the dawn of human civilization to cure and prevent diseases, and also serve to improve your body’s overall balance. After all, the secret to a healthy lifestyle starts with consuming the right food. Making sure to only select the best products, the small team sources ingredients from all around the world, and is always testing their products in third party laboratories to offer their customers only ingredients of the highest quality, non-GMO, free from heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Unlike other brands, the company only stocks very low amounts at a time, to ensure their batches and nutrients always remain as fresh as possible. The brand also places strong emphasis on the connection with their community, taking care to always listen to their wants and needs. During the current pandemic, for example, the team was able to develop a hand sanitizer that not only had antibacterial properties, but included 5 essential oils to nourish and protect the skin. The Reserve always has their customers at the forefront of their minds when creating and developing their nourishing superfood blends, and their blends are definitely ones to get your hands on. 

Switch Nutrition - @switch_nutrition

Nothing truly compares to how you feel when your body is at its peak, but sometimes we need a little helping hand to get it there. “Our supplements may have been originally intended for purely selfish reasons,” the Switch Nutrition team state, “in the sense that we wanted these products in our lives on the daily!” Created to provide the human body with all it needs to get the most out of each day, the range is also all natural, meaning there are no nasty chemicals, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners to be found inside. Not only Australian-owned and made, Switch Nutrition conduct multiple studies and beta-testing on their science-based formulas, to ensure they are constantly improving on how their formulas can best affect the well-being, physical and mental performance of both the average person and elite athlete. Switch Nutrition also differs to other brands as they are radically transparent about exactly what ingredients can be found in each supplement, the aim being to not only use the highest quality of ingredients, but to educate their consumers on nutritional science. “We want to give people a useful framework of how to think about healthy living in combination to their supplement use,” the brand states. So, if you’re ready to start kicking ass in both your workouts and in life, don’t hesitate a second longer, because Switch Nutrition has got your back, front, and insides too! 

Super Shrooms – @drink.mushrooms

Sick of coffee crashes and jitters? Then say hello to your new best friend. Desiring to create a much healthier alternative to coffee, Super Shrooms was formed to shine a light on the magnificent potential mushrooms have in delivering a better energising effect. With the added benefits mushrooms have in fuelling brain function, performance and stamina, Super Shrooms’ blends also support your body’s overall health and vitality. “We believe mushrooms are the future,” the brand states, “they have an enormous medicinal potential for the human race.” Their mission to bring mushrooms into the spotlight, and make them easier and more convenient to access, is evident through their range of certified organic superfood latte blends, which draw upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to benefit your mind, body and soul. Their blends make use of an array of powerful mushrooms, for example; Lion’s Mane to fuel memory and focus, Cordyceps for energy, Chaga for an antioxidant boost and Reishi for a calm mind and immune support (which they also sell separately for you to add to your own food and drinks!). The use of much-loved superfoods (such as Raw Peruvian cacao, masala chai, cinnamon and turmeric), do the heavy lifting in the flavour department, providing us with the drinks that are seriously shaking up Australia's cult coffee culture for the better.

Kynd –

Kynd is a brand with a difference. Upon spending many years travelling, Kynd founder, Matt Stenmark, recognised that we live in a world in need. Seeing widespread gaps in nutrition and sustainability, he dreamed up a health brand that not only made a difference to its consumers but spread a positive ripple effect to others and to the planet. As a result, Kynd is Australia’s first one-for-one supplement brand. That means that for every one Kynd product sold, a Kynd Immunity product is donated to a person in need. As of October 2020, Kynd has donated over 13,000 Immunity products to people in need, including homeless shelters and women’s refuges. Not only are Kynd products purpose-driven, but they are sustainably packaged health and beauty supplement products with ingredients based on scientific evidence to empower individuals to show kindness to themselves, to others and to the planet. With the brand centring its values upon the mantra ‘kynd to you, kynd to others, and kynd to the planet,’ they are definitely one to support and watch out for. (To enable Kynd to reach as many people as possible, Kynd leverages the national distribution network of iNova Pharmaceuticals. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.)

Recoop – @getrecoop

Stimulants artificially increase stress hormones in the brain, putting your mind and body into overdrive, which can often result in harmful short and long-term health effects. Recoop is on a mission to combat this, through their superior supplements that combine the best of science and sourcing.  Whilst they can be highly effective at first, over time our system builds up a tolerance towards stimulants, and we need to consume more to achieve the same effect. Whilst the benefits remain the same, the negative side effects are amplified with an increased dosage. Recoop provides care before, after and during stimulant use, by maintaining healthy cognition and energy levels when taking stimulants, and supporting productivity and wellbeing that may be adversely affected by stimulants. Their Wellness Set works to power an all-natural approach to health and productivity, by reducing the negative side effects of stimulants such as Adderall, Ritalin, Modafinil, Concerta, and caffeine. “We believe powerful people, not just patients, can reclaim their health and enhance their cognition for a better life,” the brand states, “we’re committed to building wellness systems that don’t wait for you to need them.” Millions of people struggle with the unwanted side-effects of stimulants, as not taking them simply isn't an option. With Recoop, explore an all-natural approach to compromise-free care.

Pure Oils of Tasmania - @pureoilsoftasmania_

Let’s talk about Kunzea. If you haven’t heard about this miracle oil before, we’re not at all surprised. Native to Australia’s island state of Tasmania, this little gem is a godsend for skin irritation. Mother and daughter duo Carey and Josie Badcoe came across this oil when a friend was being treated for terminal cancer. “He mentioned that it was the only thing that would help the skin problems he had, which were being exacerbated by chemotherapy and radiation,” Carey says. Fascinated, they decided to investigate further what other oils could be sourced and distilled from Tasmania. From their research, Pure Oils of Tasmania was founded in response for the growing need and demand for less chemical products. The brand produces Kunzea, Blue Gum, Manuka and Lavender Tea Tree oils each have their own individual aromas and therapeutic qualities.  With their oils wild harvested and batch distilled to capture the pure essence of the Tasmanian bush, the oils’ antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities have become highly sought-after alternatives to chemical options present. “Every day we discover a new way our customers are using the oils for their therapeutic value, to make their homes healthy and beautiful, and for their personal wellbeing,” says Josie. The products Pure Oils of Tasmania produces reflects the beautiful surroundings, pure environment and quality of life enjoyed by Tasmanians, which can now be shared with the rest of the world.

Lumen -

Now we understand why you could be mistaken for thinking we’ve included a vape pen in this list, but the Lumen device is anything but! Once only available to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, the metabolic testing is now available to all thanks to Lumen. Designed by twin sisters Michal and Merav Mor, both with doctorates in physiology, to prepare themselves for an upcoming Ironman competition. Wanting a way to track their metabolism during training but not having anything available to do so on the market, the Mor sisters invented the small Bluetooth connected device to measure the CO2 concentration in their breath. This then determined whether their bodies were burning fat or carbs. How is this possible we hear you ask? Well essentially a high concentration of CO2 present within the breath indicates that the individual is burning carbs, and a low concentration indicates the person burning fat. Along with its app, Lumen is then able to offer the user daily customised nutrition plans based off their metabolism readings. The app also provides workout optimisation, enabling users to see if they have enough energy before a workout or if they need to re-fuel their bodies. Scientifically validated and endorsed by professional athletes across the globe, Lumen is set to revolutionise the way we approach our nutrition, and it all starts with one breath. 

Make sure to follow each of these amazing brands, as they continue to improve the health and wellbeing of people with their incredible products.  Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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