ScyllaDB Unveils ‘Monstrous’ New Capabilities for Its NoSQL Database

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

At Scylla Summit 2021, ScyllaDB CEO outlines plans to hit new levels
of performance, flexibility and scale

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At Scylla Summit 2021, ScyllaDB took the wraps off new cloud-native capabilities, wider platform support and a year-long project to buff every aspect of its high-performance NoSQL database.

At its previous Summit, ScyllaDB announced it had matched Apache Cassandra feature-for-feature. It also launched its Alternator API, giving Amazon DynamoDB users an open source alternative with greater deployment options, better performance and lower total cost of ownership.

So what comes next for the world’s fastest, most cost-effective NoSQL database? ScyllaDB co-founder and CEO Dor Laor provided answers in the opening keynote of Scylla Summit 2021.

Introducing Project Circe

The announcements kicked off with Project Circe, a twelve-month initiative to bring greater consistency, improved elasticity and ease of use to Scylla's already powerful database. Each month ScyllaDB will release a new feature or upgrade to an existing capability, along with numerous smaller quality-of-life improvements.

Among the big changes slated for this year, Laor said, is migration to the Raft consensus protocol, bringing significant improvements in two areas. The first is elasticity and manageability. All internal metadata manipulations will become transactional, enabling Scylla to elastically double its size in a single operation. The second area of improvement is consistency. NoSQL databases formerly relied on eventual consistency in order to avoid performance overhead. With Raft, Scylla will support transactions at the same low processing overhead of regular operations — a game changer for NoSQL developers.   

Other developments under Project Circe will improve throughput, reduce latency and simplify the operational complexity of running a distributed database at scale. For more details on Project Circe and to track its milestones, please visit ScyllaDB’s Project Circe page.

“Scylla was born as a highly distributed database modeled after Apache Cassandra,” Laor said. “We transformed Cassandra from the ground up, rewriting the code in C++ and optimizing every aspect of its performance. Project Circe will transform Scylla yet again, delivering speed, reliability and cloud-native capabilities that far exceed any other database of its kind.”

Scylla Cloud on GCP

Laor also announced that Scylla’s hosted solution, Scylla Cloud, which launched last year on AWS, now runs on Google Cloud Platform (currently in beta). It was the latest in a string of announcements for Scylla Cloud, which was most recently selected as the only NoSQL database certified on the AWS Outposts platform for on-premises managed services.

Scylla Operator for Kubernetes now available

Laor next announced general availability of Scylla Operator, a Kubernetes extension that makes it easy to run Scylla clusters in cloud-native environments. Supporting the wide adoption of Kubernetes, Scylla Operator enables users to create multiple Scylla clusters with a single command, automate deployment across multiple availability zones, scale operations, conduct rolling changes, repairs and upgrades, benefit from auto-healing and perform backups, restorations and more.

For details on GCP support and tips for integrating and connecting applications to ScyllaDB’s hosted solution for AWS and GCP, be sure to attend the Scylla Summit session on Scylla Cloud. And for a deep dive on Scylla’s Kubernetes operator, don’t miss the session covering scale-out, rolling upgrade, automatic configuration changes and much more.

To see the full agenda for Scylla Summit 2021 and register for the live event or the free half day of instructor-led training, visit the Scylla Summit 2021 website here.

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