Odyssey Trust Company Announces Director Hire in Vancouver

CALGARY, Alberta, Jan. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Odyssey Trust Company (“Odyssey” or the “Company”), a leading transfer agent and trust company for Canadian public issuers, is pleased to announce the addition of Leslie MacFarlane to the leadership team of its Vancouver office, as Director, Client Service. Leslie was most recently a senior relationship manager at AST, where she assisted a portfolio of their largest Vancouver public issuers for over 30 years. Leslie has extensive experience in the transfer agent and trust industry, starting her career with CIBC Melon and becoming one of the most trusted and widely recognized industry experts in Canada.

Dianna Reimer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office of Odyssey, stated, “We are thrilled that Leslie has joined our Client Services team in Vancouver to help us further accelerate the growth of our business. Our Vancouver office has had tremendous support from the business community, and we are excited to bring someone with Leslie’s experience, expertise, and reputation to our team. Leslie’s track record in providing exceptional service to some of the largest public issuers in Vancouver is second to none, making her a perfect fit for us.”

“I’ve been watching the success of Odyssey and hearing great things from the business community for quite some time. I’m looking forward to bringing my industry expertise and experience to their growing business and joining a strong, hardworking team,” said MacFarlane.

For more information on Odyssey’s transfer agent services, please visit: www.odysseytrust.com.  

About Odyssey

Odyssey is an independent trust and transfer agent with offices in Calgary, Vancouver and co-agents based in Toronto (Odyssey Transfer Inc.) and Denver, CO (Odyssey Transfer US Inc.).

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Odyssey Trust Company
Dianna Reimer, CSO | E: dreimer@odysseytrust.com | T: 1.778.819.1187   

Leslie MacFarlane, Director, Client Services | E: lmacfarlane@odysseytrust.com | T: 1.236.521.8093