Discover the tale of America’s unofficial first serial killer in new historical fiction

James Wosochlo, Jr. imagines how Matthias Schaumboch murdered travelers in his debut novel, ‘Appalachian’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

ALAMOSA, Colo., Jan. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Based on the true story of America’s unofficial first serial killer, “Appalachian: Schaumboch’s Tavern” (published by Archway Publishing) by James Wosochlo, Jr. takes readers on a journey to the Appalachian Mountains where travelers in the 1800s went missing, murdered by the local tavern owner.


Beginning with Matthias Schaumboch on his deathbed due to dementia in 1889, he confesses to murdering 14 people, but adds that because his memory isn’t good, there may have been more. Next, the new buyers of his tavern discover human bones and skulls in the four water wells on the property. Jumping back to 1850, the novel follows Matthias and his wife Margret as they began their journey as tavern owners until it comes full circle back to how the book opened.


Wosochlo hopes his book gives readers “Knowledge of local history and what happened. A sense of such a beautiful area to live and grow, beautiful forest, animals. But a sense of a darkness that once ruled these lands.”


“Appalachian” is available for purchase online at the Archway link above, at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon at:



By James Wosochlo, Jr.

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781480898769

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781480898752

E-Book | 254 pages | ISBN 9781480898776

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

James Wosochlo, Jr. grew up in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and has a passion for history and finding native and colonial artifacts on the family farm and surrounding areas. He has a love for all things outdoors. Former president of Deer Lake & West Brunswick Fire Company, former president of Pennsylvania Archaeology Society for Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley Chapter. Wosochlo also has worked for production industry in the cities of Reading and Pottsville Pennsylvania and now resides in Colorado as a supervisor for the world’s largest mineral mining company. Wosochlo also has loved to be in films and TV series in the Philadelphia and New York City areas as a background cast actor, Creed II, Saints of Newark, 21 Bridges to name a few. “Appalachian” is Wosochlo’s first novel and he is currently working on his second.

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