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Prostate Plus by Lifetime Health is a dietary supplement that targets the leading cause of prostate enlargement stated by the official website. Read the ingredients list, side effects & price.

Chicago, Illinois, Jan. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prostate Plus is a powerful defensive strategy against an enlarged prostate that specifically targets the inhibition of cortisol's natural hormone in an individual human's body. It relieves bladder pressure due to prostate gland blockage and gives you a good night's sleep. According to the official website, Prostate Plus is generally like any other supplement that aims to decrease the prostate gland's swelling. A healthy prostate means good levels of fertility among men. Still, it becomes enlarged as time goes by. As mentioned, Prostate Plus aims to make the prostate "smaller" and back to its standard size. Again, this may sound like any other prostate support supplement in the market. Still, there is one thing that's different about this – it uses different ingredients and fights a different root cause than other mainstream supplements in the market.

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Prostate Plus by Lifetime Health should not be confused by Prostate Plus made by other manufacturing companies. Many dietary supplements use the name Prostate Plus, so to differentiate this, we're making it clear that we're talking about the supplement from Lifetime Health. With that said, let us take a look at this deviant supplement and how it can help with their enlarged prostate problems that have been bugging almost all men on the planet. This latest Prostate Plus review will be packed with information that you need to know about the product down to the very core. We will take a look at its ins and outs, and we'll see if it's worth our time or not. Without further ado, let's inspect this highly-esteemed prostate supplement.

Prostate Plus Supplement Description

Prostate Plus is a premium dietary supplement that acts like a proprietary prostate support formula. Each bottle consists of 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is two capsules each day. This means that each bottle of Prostate Plus is a 30-day supply of its own. The advanced proprietary formula in each capsule serves as a multi-action dietary supplement for men who need prostate health support. This is said to be the root cause of the prostate enlargement, according to Lifetime Health.

Each Prostate Plus capsule contains a healthy amount of adaptogens or adaptogenic substances. These substances are non-toxic herbal components that can help the body resist stress from physical, biological, or chemical factors. This includes the natural hormone called cortisol. The manufacturer of Prostate Plus is Lifetime Health. This particular supplement is not confused by other like-labeled supplements in the market from the other manufacturing companies.

What Does Prostate Plus Do?

The Prostate Plus supplement has a simple objective in mind – inhibit cortisol from shrinking the prostate to manageable sizes. According to Lifetime Health, what this supplement does is makes use of adaptogens to inhibit cortisol. You might be asking, what's the connection of cortisol to prostate gland enlargement? Well, it works like this. Everybody has estrogen, even men. Now, this estrogen is mostly dormant until the natural hormone called cortisol comes into play.

Cortisol "aggravates" the estrogen in a man's body. It is said that estrogen is a hormone that can enlarge the right organs. In women, it's the uterus. What's the connection? You see, when we were fetuses, our reproductive organs were starting to form. It just turned out that the same cells that form the uterus form the prostate gland for men. With estrogen in every man, this can mean disaster for the prostate gland as it can enlarge when estrogen levels go out of control. The only way this happens is if there is an excessive amount of cortisol in our bodies.

As we age, that stress accumulates; Cortisol accumulates. At younger ages, where prostate glands are of normal size, cortisol levels are still relatively low, but as we get older, cortisol levels rise to the point where there are excessive amounts trapped in our bloodstream. With no solid avenue of this hormone's expulsion, we just kind of collect it when we get stressed. Thus, the estrogen in men also activates more spectacularly when they get older, leading to an enlarged prostate in a man's later years.

Now that we know the details of the underlying causes mentioned by Lifetime Health, we can now see why they are targeting the cortisol. By now, you might be asking, how exactly are they doing this? In a study, it is mentioned that a group of herbs called adaptogens inhibits cortisol. What's an adaptogen? It's an herb that is speculated to "train" our bodies in handling stress. Therefore, if our body can handle much more stress, it can be strong enough not to produce more cortisol than usual. We're not saying that cortisol is bad overall. In fact, cortisol actually helps our body handle stress. However, once it does its job, it just kind of stays there, which is bad news for men. Adaptogens try to inhibit cortisol and make it the perfect anti-stress component that we can ingest for our bodies.

Notably, adaptogens were heavily used in China and other parts of the world as their traditional medicine list components. The knowledge about these herbs was almost fading away until today. It has seen a resurgence in different parts of the globe. Somehow, as people got more stressed, they looked for alternative ways to handle it as a whole. Still, the effectiveness of these adaptogens is doubtful to most scientists at best. While it may have seemingly positive effects on the user against stress, it is admitted that more research must be done in both quantitative and qualitative aspects to make this theory about adaptogens a solid fact.

What are the Ingredients of Prostate Plus?

Prostate Plus ingredients are simple. It is a blend of adaptogens dashed with a little bit of Lycopene and other ingredients. This review will focus on these adaptogens to fully analyze this prostate health support dietary supplement's effectiveness. First and foremost, let us take a look at the herbs that belong to the adaptogenic family. It wasn't said which adaptogens are specifically put into each capsule of Prostate Plus by the Lifetime Health company. Still, we can assume that they put in these adaptogens that we'll be discussing in a bit.

Prostate Plus ingredients known as adaptogens are:

  • American Ginseng
  • Ashwagandha
  • Astragalus
  • Cordyceps
  • Goji Berry
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Jiaogulan
  • Licorice Root
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Schisandra Berry
  • Holy Basil
  • Turmeric

Most of these herbs are familiar with someone who has already taken dietary supplements before. One thing to mention about these herbs is that they contain high amounts of antioxidants. This means that they are effective in eliminating free radicals that damage our cells inside our bodies. Antioxidants thus slow down the aging process and prevent further degradation, especially on the nervous system side. We have already mentioned that these adaptogens reduce stress. Things that cause us to be stressed, such as fatigue, anxiety, and lack of energy, are also addressed by these so-called adaptogens. Expect to have more energy to come and more outstanding physical capabilities with these herbs in our body.

On the other hand, adaptogens also boost our mental capabilities. It boosts brain function, performance, and memory in general. With adaptogens, you can be made sure that brain-related disorders are lessened to a certain extent. It is also said that adaptogens can encourage weight loss. We are very much familiar with stress eating, right? Well, it has been found out that cortisol is often the reason for weight gain. Reducing stress with adaptogens can also reduce stress hormones that will trigger this otherwise impactful negative thing in our life.

Lastly, with depression being prevalent in today's society, adaptogens are convenient as they reduce this mental disorder's effect, thanks to all the positive things it brings to our body.

There are more uses of adaptogens in other related fields. It generally impacts the whole body since it deals with the primary stress hormone of cortisol. Whether it's in the digestive, cardiovascular, or even sleeping part, you're sure that adaptogens can have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Stress is something that is "universal" in men, and making our body more resistant and able to handle it is a Godsend for all, mainly if it deals with the problem of an enlarged prostate with men in their older years. It has been said that people must incorporate adaptogens into their meals in a creative way. Lifetime Health nailed this part by making a supplement out of adaptogens to make life better. By dealing with the prostate problem entirely, they have helped other aspects of life.

It's so creative that they don't use Saw Palmetto in their supplements. Saw Palmetto was seen as something effective in alleviating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It was considered a miracle drug against enlarged prostates, yet it isn't here in Prostate Plus. Why so? It's because recent studies concluded that Saw Palmetto doesn't actually work against it. It's a sort of placebo.

With that said, it is something that they deviated paths from other supplements of its kind so that they can deal with the problem in a more straightforward, more effective way. Some supplements have around 30 ingredients in them but don't work as intended. This one has few, but it works perfectly fine. Still, the scientific community is doubtful of adaptogens in general. As they say, if you don't have any quantitative evidence supporting the claim, then it isn't a scientific fact. Sure, further research is still needed, but the thing is, adaptogens won't make it to traditional Chinese medicine if they didn't do anything useful in the first place. Sometimes, science is not always right with things that cannot be directly observed.

Prostate Plus Official Website

The Prostate Plus official website can be found here.

The website contains a short video that explains the root cause of prostate gland enlargement and ways to deal with it. It also includes information on the supplement that they are marketing – Prostate Plus. Other things that you can see on the website are testimonies from other users of Prostate Plus, as well as the description of the freebie that they are giving out to their customers – an e-book named "The Natural Virility Power Guide." It also contains the details of their money-back guarantee and links to their products for selling and checkout. There are also links below containing their privacy policy, disclaimers, terms and conditions, related research, and contact page.

In terms of support, you can call their U.S. based customer service team at 855-549-1475. They are available from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. You can also e-mail them as well at

Prostate Plus Pros and Cons

Prostate Plus, as you may have guessed, has a lot of pros and much lesser cons. It is by far one of the best prostate support supplements out there, and it's a shame it hasn't been marketed quite well. Anyhow, here is a glimpse of the strong and weak points of the Prostate Plus supplement before we dive into the details.

Prostate Plus pros are:

  • It deals with the overproduction of the natural hormone "Cortisol," which is the hormone released throughout our body when we're in a stressed or "flight-or-fight" situation. Overproduction of this hormone can lead to several adverse effects on our bodies.
  • Deals with bladder control issues; promotes better urine flow and lessens bathroom trips in the night.
  • Can shrink an enlarged prostate gland to its normal size.
  • Promotes healthy living and lessen stress in general.
  • It contains a hefty amount of antioxidants, which means that the aging process will be slowed down.
  • It can give you lots of pure energy through natural means.
  • Only 100% pure, all-natural herbal ingredients were used for the supplement.
  • Prostate Plus is not like any other prostate support dietary supplements out there in the market. This is arguably something more effective than the others.

Prostate Plus cons are:

  • It can only be bought legitimately through their official website (cannot be purchased elsewhere like Amazon).

As we can notice, the Prostate Plus supplement has many pros and only one con in general. This supplement, I kid you not, is different from any other kind of supplement. This is simply because Prostate Plus has a different ingredient roster than all the other supplements that help the prostate gland. I am not saying that others are ineffective, but the thing is, some manufacturers (and not all) just rename and rebrand the supplement of a competitor to make some bucks. The Prostate Plus of Lifetime Health does not do this. They stick to what they believe in and disregards the bandwagon of other prostate support supplements. We'll discuss more this in a little bit.

The pros of this product are brought about by their simple ingredients that are called adaptogens. These adaptogens are herbal components that fight off cortisol, which is the hormone that our body produces when we're stressed. Let's get to learn more about these adaptogens in the next parts of this review.

Prostate Plus Studies

With the manufacturer's credibility in shambles, we can redeem it by looking at the research and references they made to create this product. Most of the research made came from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). This is kind of a depository or archive for scientific studies about biomedical information. With that said, we can truly say that their studies came from a legitimate source and that Prostate Plus provides ample ingredients suited for its intended scenario.

Also, they get some of their studies from other journals, and when combined with NCBI sources, provide useful information about their product. The references and the studies made for the creation of Prostate Plus are listed in this link.

Feel free to read more about their reference material.

How Does Prostate Plus Work?

Prostate Plus works simply. It first targets the cortisol, and the rest is history. Targeting cortisol means that you can also target estrogen. Targeting estrogen will prompt the prostate gland to shrink in size. Once it shrinks its size, you can experience relief in your bladder and fewer late-night trips to the bathroom. Your urine flow will improve significantly, as well. Since it targets cortisol, you can expect changes to every part of your body as well. It can help promote better living and better maintenance of each organ system in your body. After all, cortisol is the stress hormone, and eliminating stress with adaptogens is of great help to a general person.

The recommended dosage for Prostate Plus is two capsules a day, so for these steps to work, you must take two each day for maximum effect. This is called their Prostate Protection Program, and it is aptly named so as targeting the root cause of any problem can undoubtedly protect it from future issues that are the same or related to the matter at hand.

How Long Does It Take for Prostate Plus to Work?

You can experience the effects of Prostate Plus in just one to four weeks, depending on your body's tenacity against the intake of supplements. Since this is an all-natural supplement, expect it to take effect at a much faster rate as it is readily absorbed into the body thanks to its natural properties. To fully experience the effects of Prostate Plus, you must take it in three months. To protect yourself from future problems, take Prostate Plus for at least six months or so.

Remember that each person is different from one another, so the time for Prostate Plus to work is different from person to person. Still, its blend should make short work of your problem as several testimonies suggest that this product works faster than they thought it would.

Prostate Plus Benefits

The benefits of Prostate Plus are plentiful at best. There are too many things to mention that we would need to have all day to list all the benefits you can get from this fantastic dietary supplement. For one, you will have a better urinating experience than before. The shrinking of the prostate gland will provide a way for your urethra to do its thing of excreting urine out of the body. The pressure on your bladder will be gone, and you won't have to go hard when going to the comfort room to pee.

You'll also have a better quality of life. As mentioned, Prostate Plus just doesn't affect your prostate but your whole life in general. The primary target of this supplement is stress, and in reducing stress, you reduce the physical and mental problems you have in life. It's pretty much as straightforward as that.

Prostate Plus Side Effects

Since Prostate Plus is a natural 100% herbal dietary supplement, there isn't much to discuss when it comes to side effects. In general, Prostate Plus doesn't have a side effect. It will have side effects if you overdose on it, so don't do it. Adhere to the recommended dosage of two capsules a day, and you'll be fine. Side effects may include a plethora of mild to severe problems, so if you experience any of these, stop taking the supplement and consult your physician right away.

Prostate Plus Manufacturer

We kept speaking about Prostate Plus, but we haven't delved into the manufacturers themselves yet. The manufacturer of Prostate Plus is Lifetime Health. Now, here's the thing – upon searching for hours and contacting every possible person I know who could help me, nobody could point me towards a United States-based company named Lifetime Health. There's one company of the same name based in Australia, but they don't bear the same logo as superimposed in the upper left of the video on the Prostate Plus official website.

This means that the company is either hiding, hasn't made a website yet (which is unlikely), or just a front. All options are quite suspicious, as this means that Prostate Plus could be manufactured by other people and not Lifetime Health. While we don't have much concrete evidence about Lifetime Health, we can assume where it's based. Their customer service team is based on the US Pacific Standard Time, which means they must be somewhere along the United States' western portion. That's a start and a comforting fact that Prostate Plus is indeed made in the USA.

One better thing to dwell about is that Prostate Plus was made in a manufacturing facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP. While, of course, we don't have the real certification on hand, we can just rely on good faith that what they say is true from a certain point of view.

Prostate Plus has a lot going for it as a product, but the company that manufactures it is shady at best. It is with great hope that they publicize it so that people won't doubt their credibility, as, indeed, their product offers excellent benefits that could save their company as a whole.

How Much Does Prostate Plus Cost?

Prostate Plus costs $69 per bottle. It comes with free shipping and a 180-day money-back guarantee (if you aren't satisfied with the product). The price seems high, but you can always go for other discounted options. When buying three bottles of Prostate Plus it will only cost you $59 per bottle. Furthermore, if you buy the 6-bottle package, you can get each bottle for only $49 each! That's a lot of savings for one bottle, so it's always recommended that you order Prostate Plus in this way. What's more, if you order the 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages, you can get a free e-book named The Natural Virility Power Guide, which is essentially a guide on how to have your manly libido back.

Remember, you can only buy legitimate Prostate Plus supplements from their official website, so don't miss out on these deals. Buying elsewhere (like Amazon) means that there could be a chance that it is an imitation of the product. This is the link to the Prostate Plus official website is linked here.

Prostate Plus Verdict

Prostate Plus can help us reduce the pain that we feel from an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate gland can block the urethra, causing uncomfortable urination and several annoying trips to the bathroom every night. It helps men by reducing the pressure on their bladder as well. It can also help men by managing the symptoms of stress. High levels of stress can cause low libido, water retention, depression, and man-boobs. Cortisol is the primary driving factor of these things. With the adaptogen blend of Prostate Plus, this stress hormone can efficiently be inhibited. Thus, the symptoms mentioned can be mitigated by this supplement. Men can feel like they're teenagers again with their regained libido, which can save their intimate relationship in the long run.

Prostate Plus helps in other things as well. As mentioned, it can help with mental problems too. We're not only referring to disorders here, but to mental degradation. Nerve cells can be reduced in number over time as we get exposed to stress or free radicals. Thanks to the adaptogens found in Prostate Plus, we can mitigate that and experience better mental health as the days go by.

Prostate Plus can also help in a variety of ways. While minor, it can surely have an impact on our lives. One of those is metabolism. Weight loss is a sensitive topic for most people, and Prostate Plus has ways to deal with that. It can encourage the body to spend the stored fat cells into energy to have more of it. How? Lower cortisol levels can signal the body that it is "out of the woods," so to speak, and therefore your body would go out of survival mode. This would encourage fat cells to burn into energy, and the rest is history. Digestion problems can also be eased thanks to lower stress levels. Other things can be mitigated as well. In general, Prostate Plus helps our whole body, not just the enlarged prostate.

While that is certainly comforting, we can't help but wonder why this product was only marketed as a prostate support dietary supplement. Indeed it has some more uses than being a prostate health supplement. The answer is simple – at least 90% of men have problems with enlarged prostates in the later years of their life. Prostate Plus is made to target these men for marketing purposes since many are suffering from this problem. If this weren't labeled as such, then not much would buy it since many competitors pertain to the general dietary supplement category. Talk about a big brain move.

Prostate Plus is a great supplement to start with. It works with the prostate, and it works well for the whole body. There is virtually no downside to the supplement, and it offers a lot of benefits for something catered specifically to a man's common problem in his later years. Overall, Prostate Plus is recommendable to everyone who wants to live a stress-free life. In summary, Prostate Plus helps men regain their life back. That's all that is in it in this well-made supplement.

Click here to buy Prostate Plus supplement directly from the official website for the best price online, where you will guarantee to avoid all Prostate Plus scams.


Pregnant or nursing mothers must not use Prostate Plus, children under 18 years of age (minors), and individuals with known medical conditions without doctors' approval. They should consult a physician first before using this product. There may be unknown complications that may arise when taking this supplement, so it is better to consult your physician first, even if you do not belong to the people groups listed above. As usual, keep it out of children, as the dosage is tailored to adults. Always store the bottle in a cool, dry place.

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Prostate Plus by Lifetime Health is a premium dietary supplement that targets the leading cause of prostate enlargement stated by the official website.