Waturu Holding A/S – change in board of directors


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Fredericia, January 22. 2021

Waturu Holding A/S – change in board of directors

Change in the Board of Directors of Waturu Holding A/S - Thomas Marschall (chairman), Anders Skov (boardmember),
Bjørn Kaare Jensen (board member), will resign in connection with an upcoming extraordinary general meeting,
where new candidates will be nominated.

Information to the investors:

Waturu Holding A/S is now moving into a new phase where the company must focus on sales.

The Board of Directors must be thanked for ensuring that the company has reached the goal of developing
a unique energy-efficient and water-saving water heater, which is now produced in Denmark.

The Board of Directors should also be thanked for having taken advantage of the opportunities in the
technology to invest in the subsidiaries Aquaturu A/S and Watgen Medical A/S.

Aquaturu A/S, which develops and produces innovative treatment solution for production water within the
Aquaculture industry. A new type of technology, which is expected to be commercialized in 2021.

Watgen Medical A/S, are developing a new type of wound care solution that can ensure that chronic
wound care patients can rinse their wounds with bacteria free water. In addition, the company has exciting
potential with a technology that is expected to help patients with childhood eczema.

The company has been through production delays and in October 2020, unfortunately had to realize that
the listing of Aquaturu A/S, had to be postponed. This despite the fact that the company had sold 12 MDKK
of an offer of 25-35 MDKK and to a valuation of 170 MDKK.

The board of directors leaves a company, which is facing an exciting journey, with finished products, which
must now ensure investors returns and growth.

On behalf of the investors, the board of directors must be thanked for having managed the company
through a very challenging period and the management will ensure a series of handover meetings with the
future board of directors so that they get the best possible start.

About Waturu Holding A/S
Waturu Holding A/S is a Greentech company, which develops innovative water technology for heating or
treating water, with the focus on ensuring bacteria-free water and reducing water and energy consumption
for heating hot water in properties and thus ensuring CO2 savings. Waturu Holding A/S is a major
shareholder in the medical company Watgen Medical A/S and in the technology company Aquaturu A/S.

Further information:
CEO Toke Reedtz, cell.: +45 5188 1262, e-mail: toke@waturu.com

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