Santa Venera, Malta, Jan. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xcoins has announced the launch of an upgraded version of to support the steadily expanding user base and transaction loads the platform is facing, after seeing a revenue jump in 2020.

• Most of Xcoins’ 328% revenue increase came from US markets

• The affiliate program grew to over 1500 in less than one year and drove over $1.5 million in transactions in 2020.

• In 2020, Xcoins’ user base increased by just over 188%

The new and improved Xcoins website is essential for expansion. Offering a simpler way for cryptocurrency investors, looking for exposure to a number of established cryptocurrencies, to gain access across key markets.

“With the levels of new users we are experiencing, we felt the time had come to execute our long term vision for Xcoins,” says Luke Cashin, Head of Affiliates at Xcoins. ‘Ensuring customers are happy with our service is paramount, as we look forward to another exciting year in 2021.”

The new Xcoins website will continue to offer the same services they have gained a reputation for, while also improving and adding some new features to enhance user experience.

With the new platform launch, features will include hosted custodial wallets for storing cryptocurrencies, enhances 24/7/365 customer support worldwide, and a fully managed affiliate program offering 20% commission each time customers’ referrals buy cryptocurrencies on Xcoins.

“We’re really looking forward to launching the Xcoins upgraded site. Such a great increase in user growth, and in revenue, means we need to take the next step to support this expansion,” says Przemek Domochowski, Director of Marketing at Xcoins. “We believe our users will really enjoy the upgrade and the additional features that will come with it.”

The new Xcoins platform is set to go live in the first half of 2021. They will launch the site in both English and Spanish. For more information on buying Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies visit Xcoins.

Xcoins is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that has developed a dedicated team across more than 15 countries worldwide to ensure they continue to achieve growth targets in 2021.

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