Ceterus Announces Upcoming Release of New 1099 Manager

Launching in Q1 2021, New Technology Will Streamline 1099 Process for CPA Firms

Charleston, South Carolina, UNITED STATES

Charleston, SC, Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accounting technology firm Ceterus announces the upcoming release of their new 1099 Manager, an innovative, self-service W9 and 1099 feature within the Ceterus Edge platform.

After 13 years assisting thousands of small businesses with hundreds of thousands of 1099s, the team at Ceterus realized that form collection should no longer be an annual burden for business owners and their CPAs. In 2020, Ceterus dedicated six months and their best accounting, product, and engineering talent to transform the 1099 process from a yearly bottleneck to an intuitive and streamlined process.

“1099s are usually a painful process that an owner who works with small businesses and contractors has come to expect,” says Bethany Beneventano, Manager of Customer Success at Ceterus. “The 1099 Manager in Edge Web is an incredible feature that streamlines the process and centralizes vendor data for business owners and their CPA firms.”

This first-of-its-kind feature facilitates communication, documentation, approval, and filing of Form 1099 and W9s between accountants and their small business clients. By enabling form collection throughout the year (not just in January!), centralizing a list of all vendors who require 1099 submissions within one dashboard, and providing notifications and status updates for vendors and team members, this forthcoming solution allows business owners and their CPA firms to maximize efficiency, minimize the risk of errors, and avoid penalties for this historically cumbersome process.

The feature has been utilized internally at Ceterus and went live in beta in mid-December for one of Ceterus’ largest CPA firm partners. This beta process will cover over 1,000 businesses and more than ten thousand 2020 1099s filed in 2021.

“As an accounting provider ourselves, we understand how critical this functionality is. Now that the feature is proven, we are very excited to extend it to CPA firms who utilize our automation and reporting platform,” says Ceterus CEO Levi Morehouse. “Our straightforward approach allows CPAs to lessen the annual burden of 1099 processing during an already hectic time of year, enabling them to focus on what matters — driving high-value engagement with their clients.”

Let 2020 be the last year of 1099s you and your firm ever do the old way. If you are a CPA firm ready to improve the W9 and 1099 process ahead of next season, please contact Jonathan Martin for more information on how to leverage the Ceterus 1099 Manager. 

About Ceterus: Ceterus is an automated accounting and benchmarked reporting solution built to empower franchisees, small business entrepreneurs, and industry-focused CPA firms. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Charleston, SC, Ceterus takes an innovative approach to accounting using technology backed by professionals to provide time-saving and insightful solutions. For more information, visit http://www.ceterus.com.


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