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Language of Desire reviews update. Detailed information on where to buy The Language of Desire online guide for relationships, content, examples of phrases, and much more about Language of Desire.

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New York City, NY, Jan. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Language of Desire is an online, digital guidebook that aims to educate women of men's most profound intimate desires. We can always agree that the opposite side is still misunderstood by the other. Often, we look for ways to understand better our partners becoming lost in our relationships and don’t know what to do next. As its author, Felicity Keith, states, it lights up men's desire to make them feel manly again and make women more feminine. The Language of Desire has already been featured in several media outlets, and it is not a sort of second-rate e-book that women have for fun. This book will educate you on men's inner workings and give you newfound confidence to always spice and lighten your relationship's mood.

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In this in-depth review, we will discuss what Language of Desire is and how it is loved and adored by thousands of women as of late. Indeed, it is a newcomer in the stage of digital reading materials. It is deemed useful not just in ramping up their intimate life but also in saving relationships too. Furthermore, we will discuss the story behind its content and give thought to its imparted wisdom so that you would exactly know what you're getting if you intend to buy The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith.

What is the Language of Desire?

Language of Desire focuses on men's psychological workings and their physiological reactions to specific spoken phrases. In short, it's a book that's centered on communication theories that turn on the lustful desires of men. Language of Desire currently has no public statement about the number of pages it has, but we can estimate it at around 200 pages.

The Language of Desire's content focuses more on the communication aspect than the physical actions, further cementing that this book is all about the language rather than the desire. If you're looking for an erotic book to make you feel lustful, this isn't the one. This one is concerned with reality rather than male or female fantasies. To keep things simple, Language of Desire is more or less a book in psychology and, therefore, is often not considered something that deals with science than fiction.

The book was published around 2013 by author Felicity Keith. She is married to Kevin Keith and was compelled to write this book because of him. The publisher of Language of Desire is Digital Romance, Inc. They are headquartered in the city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The company is known to host relationship expert Michael Fiore and is regarded as people with a mission to rekindle and strengthen relationships daily.

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Language of Desire can only be bought through their online channels, as it is not available in a paperback version. Furthermore, it is only available on the Language of Desire official website, which is linked here. This site is the only legitimate source of this product, and buying off this book from other sources is considered fake and illegal as per copyright laws. For more details about the product, you can browse the review we're about to start for this product.

Language of Desire Author

With a profound understanding of what Language of Desire is, we can now move on to the author. The author of Language of Desire is Felicity Keith. She is the wife of Kevin Keith, whom she had problems with earlier on. As a more detailed backgrounder, Felicity Keith is a known writer for romantic and relationship matters. Her most popular book is Language of Desire. She also authored other books such as The Flirty Girl’s Guide to Astrological Attraction. She’s entirely known in the community and has attracted like-minded women struggling with their love life. She also motivates people through her social media account, posting words of encouragement for women worldwide.

For this matter, Keith is a reputable author with her right. One might say that this is her niche, and for that, she is highly qualified to say what she needs to say to save relationships and make the world a better place.

Now that we know who the Language of Desire author is, we’re going to tackle why it was written. Long story short, Kevin, Felicity’s husband, was less invested in their relationship as time went by. As the days passed, Kevin became increasingly and distant from his wife. However, that wasn’t exactly the motivation as to why this book was written. It was on a regular night, and they just finished making love. Just minutes after, though, she caught sight of Kevin doing nasty things alone. She just turned a blind eye and pretended to be asleep. Felicity felt insecure and wanted to know more about her husband.

Alas, upon days, weeks, and months of research and taking lessons from various people, she has come up with the perfect plan backed up with science and psychology. Thus, she got to write the Language of Desire guidebook, of which she is proud. Of course, she tried it first on her husband. When it wonderfully worked, she shared it with her best friend, and the news spread like wildfire. This was when she was compelled to write a book about her discoveries on the subject matter.

Kevin and Felicity went on to have a fruitful relationship that just kept on rekindling itself as each day passed. This is their life’s testimony, and Felicity wishes that other people would do the same to their partners as well so that the level of understanding between partners becomes greater and greater until there’s no more improvement to be done. It’s all because of a desire to help.

What Does Language of Desire Contain?

First off, let's start with the book's primary objective – to rekindle relationships and intimate lives through the proper use of communication and psychology. As the Language of Desire book puts it, it's the trick of "talking dirty" to men. As you may have also noticed, this book targets women who can't understand what their men want for their intimate life. This does not include bed interactions only, but all sorts of things, such as hooking the man you want for life (without cheating, of course!).

With that said, Language of Desire is filled with useful (and fun) information that can be used by every woman or feminine-sided gender. It has captivated its readers through witty statements and intimate content that leaves men aroused all the time when they're with their partners.

First, let us deal with the title of the book itself first – Language of Desire. From the title itself, we can already understand that this is seductive and erotic at the same time. However, do not be fooled, because this is an educational book instead of a book that deals with erotica! If you are studying psychology, you'll get something from this book – things that aren't generally thought of in universities due to their taboo nature!

If we look closer, the title centers itself on the subject of "language." What does that mean? It means that language is the first and foremost way to go to our deepest desires. Language is the bridge between people. It is the catalyst of communication. Therefore, to understand men, women must communicate what they want to make men realize what they're missing out on with the love of their lives. I bet that as you read on this review, you become increasingly curious as to what this book has in store for you. Spoiler alert – there's a lot of useful content that's waiting for you!

It's not just standard content, though. Sure, most educational book content is useful in everyday life, but this is useful for people looking to make their love life bulletproof. It's like a relationship remedy that you can use to save or begin a relationship anew! Of course, we won't be spoiling that much in this review, but we will be giving out glimpses of the Language of Desire's content.

Some of the Language of Desire phrases include communication techniques that you can use to understand and motivate men to find their deepest desires in you. Remember when I said it's a psychology book? The author, Felicity Keith (whom we're going to be talking about in a bit), is gracious enough to simplify things for us. The terms are wacky in their simple ways, and reading the book is fun. When you read this book, don't wonder why you're grinning all the time!

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To tell you more about it, there's the "Pavlov’s Technique” that makes any man turned on the moment they see you. Using certain psychological advances, you can condition him with this simple, innocent phrase to make his dingdong as hard as the rock upon catching a glimpse of you. There’s also the Dirty Movies Destroyer, which enables your man to stay away from dirty movies forever by focusing only on you. This is a useful thing to have, especially for people who are addicted to dirty movies. As we can see, the terms are as wacky as they seem, but they work from a psychological perspective.

Other Language of Desire content includes the Cuddle Hormone, which, as you may have guessed, entices your man to cuddle you more often than not. Imagine having to feel safe all the time because of just a few words and gestures that you’ve done. There’s also the Erotic Telepathy Technique, which lets you know a man on an intense and intimate level. We’re talking about his fantasies, which he often hides from you because he feels insecure, no matter how brave he is. Bonus fact, every man has insecurities within him, and this technique will make you know what it means to save that man from the inside. This technique seems to work on women too, so it’s a two-way avenue.

Language of Desire will also tell you about the single word that a man desperately wants to hear from his woman but is often disregarded. Women don’t know its importance to a man’s psychology. Called the “Intimate Singularity,” it is a powerful word that nails your man’s full-fledged attention to you.

Of course, there are foreplay techniques as well. We’re talking about the verbal way of teasing here! Keith called this “The Tease Intensifier.” Often than not, this makes a man filled with lust and desire to pounce on his partner like a confident lion. When you tease a man, then things begin to heat up. This is where the “Lust Mirror” technique comes in. This is probably the most powerful technique in the Language of Desire. It enables you and your partner to connect on a whole other level. Everything is associated with you, both mentally and physically. This means that you are mirrored with one another, and if that’s not special and magical, then I don’t know what is.

Other techniques are also inside Language of Desire guidebooks, such as the Desire Seed, Oral Intensifier, Special Movie, Invisible Chastity Belt, The No-Touch Lay, The Madonna Moan, The Romance Rotator, and the Friend to Fantasy method. These communication techniques and methods are maximized to make men more invested in their female or feminine partners. It makes men less prone to cheating, better supported in their love life, and increasingly better in their intimate relationships with one another.

As is with these psychological and communication techniques, one must not use this for the negative side. Psychology is one important field to study, and harnessing its capabilities can lead to a person abusing its teachings. Sometimes, people will be compelled to cheat with this learning, and it can sometimes be intimidating how good intentions can lead to worse actions later on. Instead, let’s use it for the better and save our relationships while we still can.

All this content will be further understood when you grab yourself a copy of this book. As I said, we’re just grazing the tip of the iceberg here. A lot more is in store when you get to read this product thoroughly.

Overall, the content of Language of Desire is all about communicating your desires with one another. It enables, equips, and encourages women to know more about their men in advancing their relationships. Of course, some of the content here may not work because all men have different psychological workings from one another, but we must always try to do things first before knowing if they work or not.

Keith talks about how it can be magical and wonderful these techniques are. It’s true. If you were reading the book, you wouldn’t believe what you’re reading in the first place. That is until you try out these techniques; only then you’ll know that they genuinely work to their fullest potential. The greatest endpoint with the Language of Desire’s content is those good things happen to educated people, and having the right psychology and skillset is the key to healthier relationships.

Who Is The Target Audience of Language of Desire?

Language of Desire's target audience is women looking to strengthen or save their relationship with their male or masculine counterparts. Women have been struggling to understand men for quite some time now, which gives them power over this struggle. It’s a very comforting book to have when you’re lost in translation with your man. It’s also for people who are studying psychology and communication. Believe it or not, Language of Desire is more of a psychology book, and it’s more centered on the educational side of matters. It is a textual guide that makes people understand the inner workings of men and their actions.

With that much said, Language of Desire book isn’t precisely tailored towards men. However, the excellent point that we can get from this is that men will know what it feels like to be a woman for once. This book can act as an excellent eye-opener for men who were once insensitive to their partners. As much as it is for women, this book is also for men, from a particular perspective.

How Can Language of Desire Help You and Relationships?

Language of Desire is a guidebook that can help relationships in their intimate and general aspects. These relationships include those that are strong and those that are weak. According to the official website, Language of Desire has helped many partners who have lost their path or are just in the process of falling out. For relationships to be prosperous, this book is advised to be read by all women.

Language of Desire is not just any kind of book. It is a one of a kind book that harnesses the power of psychology and communication to make everything right. It uses science for its target audience, combined with emotions that captivate our relationships' inner and physical workings. It is a comprehensive book for its intended target audience.

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Usually, it takes around half a day to read this book non-stop. For the average reader, this may take longer. However, this book is very much worth it to read. It isn’t boring at all, and it’s interesting to read. We also get to read about things that we haven’t learned yet. It’s a book telling women the psychological workings of men to keep them in their place. When reading this book, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t notice the time. Language of Desire is easy-to-read and relatable for mature women, and it brings about a new revolution of digital books that are useful in every aspect.

Language of Desire brings about many benefits, not just to you but also to your relationships and daily outlook in life. First of all, this benefits you. This refers mainly to women and genders that are on the feminine spectrum of things. It is frustrating that we know so little about our partners, and this book gives you an understanding that you didn’t have before. It gives you the power and confidence to have everything that you want.

It’s also a matter of importance on your part. Self-importance is a feeling that only a few people get nowadays, and respect is always gained along the way. It is one of the most significant benefits here, besides that mentioned above. I know this is obvious already, but it is highly beneficial for your past, present, and future relationships. This is great for past relationships since you can get together again just by following the things in this guidebook. Who knows, maybe you just needed to know these things to save your relationship.

Meanwhile, it can benefit your current relationship if things are going sideways. It’s always bad that things go south right after you felt everything is right. Thus, this book can help you find yourself amidst the chaos and bring your partner closer to you by tapping into his most innermost desires.

Furthermore, Language of Desire is beneficial to future relationships, as having the wisdom you have right now can almost guarantee that you won’t lose that lucky man of your life. Your dream person won’t cheat or go away quickly from you if you stick to the plan indicated in this book.

As a final benefit, this book can heavily boost your self-esteem in so many ways. Having a better relationship with your partner can bring about the boundless joy that could last ages. Your friends will be asking how you’re blooming after all these years as a couple. You’ll be filled with hope and positivity that you thought you would never have again because you have a faithful and loving partner by your side.

Overall, Language of Desire is a fulfilling book to have, and for all its pros, it is a one of a kind experience to read through for everyone who wants to have a steady relationship in life.

Language of Desire Pros and Cons

As we get close to wrapping up this review, Language of Desire is an exciting book from cover to cover. We couldn’t encapsulate it in a single statement, but it’s thrilling, educational, and thoughtful at the same time. With that said, let us check out the summary of this book’s pros and cons so that we can fully understand it with the most precise detail possible.

Language of Desire pros are:

  • Scientifically-based
  • It has a lot of content
  • Explains in detail how things work within a man’s mind
  • Witty and fun to read
  • Very informative down to the core
  • Pleasing layout and formatting, easy to read
  • I can almost guarantee that your relationship will go as smoothly as possible
  • The digital format can be read anywhere as long as you have a modern gadget with you
  • Written by a credible author in her field

Language of Desire cons are

  • It can only be bought online, more specifically, from their official website
  • More targeted towards women
  • Language of Desire free examples of phrases or text can be found online

As we can see, Language of Desire has a lot of pros above its cons. The cons are more on the technical side of things. It is more of a limitation rather than evil things in the product. In this regard, we can see that this book is very useful and great, and even has a standard that can last a lifetime. I know this review shouldn’t be biased, but being an honest one, it is recommended that you grab a copy for yourself so that you won’t regret not being able to pick up this book when you had the chance.

Language of Desire is credible in all its ways. A known author writes it, and it is backed up by science. Nothing beats science, truth, and integrity. In writing, writers are king, and having an author that is reliable in this field only proves that this book is credible in giving out advice for couples who have a hard time.

Language of Desire has a lot of testimonies that prove its reliability. Countless women have thanked the author for publishing her work for the whole world to see. If you go on any search engine, you’ll see that this book is rated high because of its useful content. Overall, it stands with a good reputation.

What Are The Downsides of Language of Desire?

Language of Desire's downside is that it only caters to 50% of the population – women. Men don’t have a book that can tell them about a woman's mind, so there’s that angle. However, men can read this book, in particular, to feel what it’s like on the receiving end of things. From there, they can reverse engineer what’s written here to maximum effect.

Psychology is a fascinating and challenging field to be in. With that said, it is always recommended that everything should be taken with careful analysis to succeed. It does not mean that you read the mind, but psychology deals with understanding how the human brain works. Other than that, there are no downsides to Language of Desire. It is a content-filled book that manages to meet the expectation of its readers. Keep in mind that not everything will work here. All people are wired differently, and sometimes, it takes a combination of different methods to achieve your intended result. Reader discretion is advised.

How Much Is The Language of Desire?

Language of Desire costs $47 only. Actually, with $47, you won’t only get Language of Desire, but you’ll also have Silent Seduction, Unstoppable Confidence, and The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty. These are also Felicity Keith’s creations. They’re supplemental books to Language of Desire.

Where to buy Language of Desire:

  • Official Website recommended all bonuses included, click here to check stock
  • Amazon not recommended (not available or bonuses not included)
  • eBay not recommended (not available or bonuses not included)
  • Walmart not recommended (not available or bonuses not included)

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, given that you have read everything inside the book and nothing worked for you and your partner. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting scammed. There’s no scam involved here since Language of Desire was already featured in several media outlets nationwide! Talk about credibility and reputation.

Language of Desire Verdict

Language of Desire is a great book to have. Whether you’re looking to save or maintain your relationship, you’ll always have tips and tricks to learn from this particular reading material. Grab the Language of Desire now and get the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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